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UB44 Zenith Royal 51-1   $79.95 SOLD
AM-FM Portable
Notes: The Zenith Royal 51-1 AM-FM radio has strong audio and is quite collectable. The band switch is on the right side. The rear panel has 6 VDC and earphone jacks. You can open the cover to install four AA cells (not supplied) and view the product label.  [07/06]

U162 Zenith ZVM-121   $50.95 SOLD
Video Monitor
Notes:  This Zenith ZVM-121 composite video monitor works great with the M-200/600/900/6000/7000 series RTTY decoders. Has 12 inch diagonal, green monochromatic screen. Front controls for Black Level and Contrast. The rear panel has Width Control, RCA phono video input and switch for 40 or 80 character column width. 16 x 11.5 x 12 inches.  [03/06]

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