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Uniden CR202
UC68 Uniden CR2021   $149.95 SOLD
Shortwave Receiver
The Uniden CR2021 has an digital display and covers the AM, FM and all SW bands. It features keypad entry and 12 memories. Has jacks for speaker and 1/4 inch headphone. The rear panel has the battery compartment and antenna terminals. Includes:  Owner's Manual.  [09/06]
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Realistic DX-400
UR17 Realistic DX-400   $139.95 SOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
This Realistic DX-400 tune longwave, AM and shortwave (150-30000 kHz) plus the FM band. This full coverage receiver features keypad entry, 6 AM/SW memories and 6 FM memories, sleep timer, RF gain, wide-narrow selectivity, fine tuning, scanning, external antenna terminals and a BFO for SSB/CW. The rear panel has two battery compartments (2 x AA 6 x C). The digital display [1 kHz] is discolored as a result of the previous user reglueing the glass plate. The left side has jacks for: 12 VDC input, 1/4 inch headphones, 1/8 inch external speaker and AC cord. There is also a Backup Battery Check button. There is a front panel switch for Battery Check / Dial Lamp. This radio comes with the AC cord and bound copy of the Owner's Manual. Made in Taiwan.  [04/08]
Uniden 880
UI03 Uniden 880   $54.95 SOLD
Citizen Band Radio
The Uniden 880 is 40 channel mobile CB with NOAA weather. Other features include S/RF/CAL/SWR Meter, ANL, NB, PA, frequency display. There is a ding on the bottom face plate. With manual, mic and box. S/N 48029776.  [03/20]
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Uniden HR2510
U587 Uniden HR2510   $159.95 SOLD
Amateur Transceiver 10m
This Uniden HR2510 President covers 28-29.7 MHz with 25 watts nominal in CW/USB/LSB modes and 10 watts in AM/FM modes. The rear panel has the a huge heat sink. With hand mic, DC cord, mounting knobs (but no mobile bracket) and Owner's Manual. S/N 83003670.  [08/20]

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