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Sold Used Item
UC50 Ross RE-8000   $79.95 SOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The Ross RE-8000 is solid-state and has an analog display. It features band buttons for:  PSB, Air, FM, PSB2, SW2, SW1, AM and LW. Has dial lamp, dial lamp switch plus Tone, Squelch and Fine Tuning. There are buttons for AFC and BFO. The rear panel has jacks for earphone, earphone/speaker and external antenna. The battery holder has some corrosion. The tip of the telescopic antenna has tape on it. This radio was protective cover that has a time zone chart on the inside of it.  [09/06]
Sold Used Item
UG10 Ross Triumph   $59.95
Portable MW-MB-SW Radio
The Ross Triumph radio tunes the AM, shortwave marine band (1.6-4MHz) and shortwave (6-16 MHz). The band selected a lever on the front panel. The analog dial is tuned from a Tune knob next to the volume knob. There is also a tone control. This radio operates from six C cells (not supplied). The rear panel opens to reveal the radio's circuit and battery sleaves. The left side has an earphone and DC input jack. A telescopic antenna comes out of the handle.  [12/06]
Sold Used Item
UJ49 Ross Electronics 2101   $42.95 SOLD
Portable Multiband Receiver
The Ross Electronics 2101 multiband radio covers AM, FM, VHF Low (30-50 MHz), Air Band (108-136 MHz), VHF High (147-174 MHz), SW1 (3.2-7), SW2 (7-12) and SW3 (12-22 MHz). Features include: backlit dial, tone control, meter, AFC On/Off, dual whip antennas and handle. The protective cover features a world time chart inside. The rear panel has antenna terminals and an earphone jack. The battery compartment that holds six C cells (not included) does not close tightly. This radio has a blemished dial, and scratchy volume control.  [09/12]
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