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UF01 JIL SX-400   $549.95 SOLD
Scanner with Converters
The JIL SX-400 scanner covers 26 to 520 MHz. Additionally, this SX-400 system includes these converters: RF-5080 (500-800 MHz), qty. 2 RF-8014 (800-1400 MHz), RF-1030 (0.1-30 MHz). The ACB-300 antenna control box and P-1A power supply are also featured. The trap door on the front panel covers the Dimmer and channel space controls. The rear panel has antenna and other I/O connections. Boxes and manuals are provided for the all the converters and the the ACB-300, but not for the SX-400 itself. Some, but not all interconnect cables are provided. The included color brochure shows the various units and the connection diagram.  [10/06]
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