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Realistic PRO-62
UO63 Realistic PRO-62   $69.95 SOLD
Handheld Scanner
The Realistic PRO-62 covers VHF Low, VHF High, VHF Air, UHF and 800 MHz public service (less cellular). It has an LCD display, 200 channels, keypad and TurboScan scanning. This radio comes with AC adapter, internal 6 AA cell holder, flexible BNC antenna and worn original Owner's Manual. S/N 13853. [1/08]
Realistic PRO-97
UE73 Realistic PRO-97   $59.95 SOLD
Handheld Scanner
The Realistic PRO-97 covers: 25-54, 108-137, 137-174, 216-226, 406-512, 806-950 and 1240-1300 MHz. It supports Motorola® Type I and II (such as Smartnet® and Privacy Plus®) and hybrid analog trunking systems, GE-Ericsson (EDACS®) type systems, and EF Johnson (LTR) type systems. It has an LCD display, 1000 channels, This radio comes with 4 AA alkaline cell holder, belt clip, flexible BNC antenna. Also may be operated from 9 VDC. S/N C002384. The 88 page Owner's Manual may be downloaded here. [01/19]

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