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Realistic TRC-431
UQ77 Realistic TRC-431   $99.95 SOLD
CB Base Station
The Realistic TRC-431 CB base station transceiver by Radio Shack features 40 channels [AM mode] and has an S/RF analog meter. The rear panel has a SO239 antenna jack plus jacks for PA and speaker. With hand mic and AC cord only. S/N 73236949. [08/08]
Realistic Nova Pro
UT91 Realistic Nova Pro   $15.95 SOLD
The Realistic Nova Pro stereo headphones feature an adjustable headband and each ear element has a volume control. Termination is to a 1/4" stereo phone plug.  [11/18]
Realistic Minimus 0.5
UJ96 Realistic Minimus 0.5   $14.95 SOLD
The Realistic Minimus 0.5 is a compact 8 ohm hi-fidelity speaker. Only 5 x 7 x 4.5 inches. The rear panel has terminal inputs as well as RCA phono input. The previous owner added a wire for wall hanging.  [03/20]
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