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UV85 Heathkit HO-5404   $199.95 SOLD
Station Scope
The Heathkit HO-5404 is that last station scope they offered and is styled to match the HW-5400. It is all solid-state except for the CRT. The rear panel has SO239s for input and output. No manual. S/N 02 59605.  [11/08]

UI40 Heathkit SB-610   $129.95 SOLD
Monitor Scope
The Heathkit SB-610 is designed to moniter on air signals and can be used from 160 to 6 meters without the operator having to make any adjustments. This is a perfect match for the already reputable SB line from Heathkit but can be used on virtually any transmitter from 15 to 1000 watts. The Scope its self is in good shape, there are no dents in the cabinet or the face plate. The rear panel features 2 SO239 antenna connections, 3 RCA inputs and a hard wired 120VAC wall plug. No box or manual included. S/N 8348A  [09/13]
Sold Used Item
UD42 Heathkit HS-1661   $89.95 SOLD
This Heathkit HS-1661 speaker features a 5x7 speaker. Other than a very small scratch on the top, it is in excellent condition. A speaker cable is wired into the rear. With original manual  [01/13]
Sold Used Item
UI31 Heathkit SB-630   $99.95 SOLD
Station Console
The Heathkit SB-630 station console is a very unigue item in an amateur radio setting. It features an accurate digital clock, a ten minute timer, a hybrid phone patch and a SWR meter. The ten minute timer feature comes in handy as a reminder to give out your stations call letters every ten minutes to comply with FCC regulations. This particular model is in great condition. The rear panel features two SO-239 connections, a hard wired 120VAC power plug, receiver in, speaker out and timer adjustments. For all the tinker enthusiasts it also comes with the original assembly manual. This console matches quite nicely with all of the other Heathkit SB-series models but will also prove useful in any radio setting.  [09/13]

UT60 Heathkit IM-4180   $89.95 SOLD
FM Deviation Meter
The Heathkit IM-4180 FM Deviation Meter reads peak deviation of transmitters and generators from 25 to 1000 MHz. Four ranges of modulation deviations are available: 2, 7.5, 20 and 75 kHz. In good condition. Some holes drilled in left panel for added internal speaker. Shown above in battery-test mode. Supplied AC power supply plugs into the rear panel. Includes original manual with large diagram sheets. S/N 04-43999.  [06/18]
Sold Used Item
UP41 Heathkit HS-24   $12.95 SOLD
This Heathkit HS-24 speaker features a 4x6 speaker. A speaker cable with RCA phono plugged is wired into the rear panel. The cabinet condition is rather awful. S/N 1380.  [07/17]
used Heathkit AA-181
UC63 Heathkit AA-181   $149.95 SOLD
Audio Amplifier
This Heathkit AA-181 monaural audio amplifier provides 25 watts of audio (50 watts peak). In fairly good cosmetic condition, with some wear on the edges. And one of the four feet is missing on the bottom. The rear panel has inputs for: mic, phono crystal, phono magnetic and aux. Includes a few pages from manual covering specifications and tube line-up. Sounds good! 13.5 x 5 x 9.5" 18 lbs.  [08/18]
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