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Sold Used Item
UO82 Universal Elec. SC-50   $69.95 SOLD
Satellite Subcarrier Receiver
The Universal Electronics SC-50 is an audio subcarrier receiver for use with C band and Ku band satellite systems (not for use with Direct TV/Dish Network). It features a backlit alphanumeric LCD display The rear panel has Baseband Video Input (from your C/Ku satellite receiver) and both line and audio output jacks. Operates on 12 VDC at 300 ma with supplied AC adapter. Includes on a spec sheet that shows features and installation diagram.  [01/08]
Sold Used Item
U725 Universal Elec. SC-50   $79.95 SOLD
Satl. Sub-Carrier Receiver
The Universal Elec. SC-50 is a special satellite sub-carrier receiver for C an Ku band satellite systems. This unit has not been used and includes AC adapter, box and manual.  [02/11]
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