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Sold Used Item
W542 bhi Radio Mate   $99.95
Wired Keypad
The bhi Radio Mate is a wired keypad for the FT-817, e FT-817ND, FT-857, FT-857D, or FT-897 or FT-897D. It simply plugs into the ACC jack of the radio. It supports direct frequency input, mode change, band change, memory function VFO A=B, Swap VFO A/B, Split VFO and Tune function. There is an On/Off switch on the right side With the color spec sheet and instructions. Well built in England.  [11/09]
Sold Used Item
UT45 bhi Dual In-Line   $149.95 SOLD
Noise Canceling Module
The bhi Dual In-Line DSP noise eliminating module provides two channel/stereo noise cancellation. Purfect for radios with dual audio channels. 3.5 mm jacks are on the top panel. Includes DC power plug only. Requires 10-16 VDC.  [02/18]

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