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W331 MFJ-422D $109.95 SOLD
Keyer with Paddle
The MFJ-422D consists of two parts. The keyer has a speed control (8-50 WPM) on the side panel along with a volume control. It fits directly over the supplied Bencher iambic paddle. This unit also includes a 1/4 inch plug key cable and the MFJ-1312D AC power supply.  [04/10]
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Sold Used Item
UA17 MFJ-411   $39.95 SOLD
Morse Code Tutor
The MFJ-411 Pocket Tutor is a compact morse code trainer. This microprocessor based device contains over 500 words, names and call signs. The random QSO generator simulates on-the-air contacts. Has built in speaker on the back panel and mini stereo jack for earphones/headphones (not included). Operates from 12 VDC or 9 Volt battery (not included).  [07/18]

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