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U013 Kenwood IF-232C   $39.95 SOLD
Computer Interface
The Kenwood IF-232C computer serial interface fascillitated connection of several Kenwood radios to the serial port of a PC. Some radios required additional special cables and/or chip sets. The device was designed to operate with the Kenwood R-5000, Kenwood TS-440S, Kenwood TS-450S, Kenwood TS-940S, Kenwood TS-950S and other select models. The rear panel has a DB25 jack. The good news is that this particular unit is sealed and appears to never have been used. The bad news is that it does not include the DC power cord or E30-2046-05 connecting cable originally included. It does include the original box and original Owner's Manual. S/N80300025.  [11/10]
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UM52 Kenwood HC-10   $89.95 SOLD
Digital Clock
The Kenwood HC-10 quartz based digital world clock has a dual 24 hour display. It shows local time and the time in ten preprogrammed plus two programmable time zones. A rare item. With photocopy of manual. 120VAC.  [08/14]
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