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Sold Used Item
Y146 Drake UV3 #1346   $499.95 SOLD
144/220/440 FM Transceiver
The basic Drake UV-3 covered 2 meters FM. This version #1346 also included the factory installed 220 and 440 MHz modules for triband operation. The rear panel has the an SO239 antenna jack for each band. It works on all three bands. A photocopy of the Owner's Manual (with pull out schematic) is included, but there is no DC cord or mic. S/N 10034/134/134.  [11/10]
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used Drake UMK-3
UA03 Drake UMK-3   $50.95 SOLD
Remote Mounting Kit
Here is one you don't often see ... actually never. The rare Drake UMK-3 remote mounting kit allows the body of the famous Drake UV-3 to be mounted in the trunk to a dummy head with only the control head under the dash. Comes with a nice generic speaker. We have added a photo-copy of the instructions. Includes original box and appears never to have been used!  [04/18]
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Sold Used Item
UU63 Drake 1525EM   $32.95 SOLD
Hand Mic
This Drake 1525EM hand mic features a DTMF encoding keypad. It was sold with the Drake UV-3 and can also be used on some other Drake transceivers. Terminates to a 4 pin mic plug.  [08/18]

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