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Sold Used Item
Y106 Eico 753   $50.95 SOLD
Tri-Band HF Amateur Transceiver
The famous Eico 753 HF amateur transceiver covers 80, 40 and 20 meters in SSB, CW and AM modes. Input power is 200 watts. Here is your golden opportunity to own what many people consider the worst HF amateur transceiver every conceived. We do not have a power supply or power cable for it and it is untested. But we are willing to bet it is not working well. The cabinet is sound. The rear panel has antenna and other I/O jacks. Sold AS-IS final sale. [01/11]
Sold Used Item
UP11 Eico 706   $24.95 SOLD
Code Oscillator
The Eico 706 code oscillator operates from batteries. The tone pitch is adjustable by the knob on the front. The slide switch selects: Tone, Light or Light & Tone. This unit works, including the lamp. The rear panel has two holes drilled. Opeates from two C cells. S/N 10321. [01/12]
Eico 1100
U517 Eico 1100   $12.95 SOLD
Resistance Box
The Eico 1100 provides a multitude of resistance values in three ranges.  [03/20]
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