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Radio Shack HTX-202
UH39 Radio Shack HTX-202   $39.95 SOLD
2 Meter Handi Talkie
The Radio Shack HTX-202 is a 2 meter HT that features built-in CTCSS encode, DTMF keypad, backlit LCD and 12 memory channels. Operates from 144 to 147.995 MHz with 2.5 watts output (up to 5 watts with ext 12 VDC). There is high low power switch on the top. 2.6 x 4.675 x 1.9 inches. This radio includes: AC charger, Owner's Manual and new Maldol NS-146 BNC rubber antenna. S/N 0132024.  [06/11]
Radio Shack HTX-420
U513 Radio Shack HTX-420   $21.95 SOLD
2m/440 Handi Talkie
The Radio Shack HTX-420 is a 2 meter/440 Meter HT with 5/4.5 watts output on AC adapter or 4/2 watts on battery. It has dual watch, dual band LCD display. It also receives NOAA weather. Receive coverage is 108-174 and 420-512 MHz. In worn conditin and missing the channel knob and spkr/mic cover. With box. S/N 003988.  [03/20]

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