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UG89 MFJ-259B $89.95 SOLD
SWR Analyzer
The MFJ-959B is a frequency counter, RF signal generator, SWR Analyzer, RF resistance and Reactance Analyzer, Coax Analyzer, Capacitance and Inductance Meter for 1.8-170 MHz. It works but cosmetically this is the worst one we have ever seen. Very worn and sold Final-Sale. No manual. Power supply not included.  [12/13]
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UF43 MFJ-817 $49.95 SOLD
SWR / Wattmeter
The MFJ-817is for 2 meters VHF and 440 MHz UHF. The cross needle meter reads SWR and peak/average for forward and reflected power. Power ranges: 200/2 watts forward and 50/5 watts reflected. The rear panel has SO-239s. Includes Owner's Manual. This unit has many scratches on the front panel, but the side panels look good.  [07/11]
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UR44 MFJ-820 $44.95 SOLD
SWR / Wattmeter
The MFJ-820 Power Sentry is a multi-sensor SWR Wattmeter. This one has the MFJ-830 sensor mounted in the rear. It covers 1.8-30 MHz with 200/2000W scales. The cabinet has some scratches and is missing one cabinet screw.  [06/18]

UF53 MFJ-868 $89.95 SOLD
SWR / Wattmeter
The MFJ-868 is a peak-reading power and SWR meter for 1.8-30 MHz with power ranges of: 2000/200/20 watts. The rear panel has SO239s. Requires either a 9 volt battery or 12 VDC PS (neither supplied). With copy of manual.  [04/13]
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