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HP 8549E
UJ64 HP 8549E   $1999.95 SOLD
Spectrum Analyzer
This HP 8549E spectrum analyzer covers 9 kHz to 22 GHz. The display does have some minor burn-in. The keypad and controls are sound. The cabinet is in good shape. The rear panel supports various I/O functions. This instrument comes with the AC cord and original copy of the Owner's Manual explaining the operation and use of this device. S/N 3407A00889.  [07/11]
U425 IFR FM/AM 1000S $449.95 SOLD
Service Monitor
The IFR FM/AM 1000S is in fair condition but is not 100% functional. Scope has good trace, but controls have no effect on scope. Many controls are scratchy. Was last calibrated in 2007 by Caltec Labs. It includes both the AC and DC power cords and the manual that covers basic operation and controls. S/N S1084. Store pickup only. [08/19]
HP 4260A
W763 HP 4260A $137.95 SOLD
Universal Bridge
The Hewlett Packard 4260A semi-automatic universal bridge supports easy measurements of C, R, L, D and Q. Click here to view rear panel and top panel. Click here to included spec sheet [PDF].  [04/23]
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