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UM60 Drake R4245   $2249.95 SOLD
Digital Shortwave Receiver
The Drake R4245 is a multimode receiver covering 10 kHz to 30 MHz. It has a 100 Hz digital display. Tuning is via band selection knob and Up-Down buttons. It has an S-Meter, RIT, PBT, Notch, AF/RF Gain and Preamp. The rear panel has: AC or DC input, antenna inputs and other I/O jacks. There is a speaker on the front panel and External Speaker jack on rear panel. This radio features 4, 2.3, 1.8, .5 and .3 kHz filters. The optional R577 desk top cabinet is included. The radio comes with the Drake R4245 Service Manual that is bound in a Drake binder. This manual includes addendums, complete diagnostics, pull-out diagrams and instructions. Some scratchiness noted on volume control. S/N 445. This is a very rare model as King Hussain procured most production for the Jordanian Army. [11/11]
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