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UT41 AOR AR-501   $69.95 SOLD
The AOR AR-501 radio telegraph terminal is a Morse decoder, Morse keyer and Morse trainer all in one! Various functions may be selected by six switches. There is a 32 character, two line LCD. The front panels has mini jacks for Paddle, Key and Ext. Monitor. The rear panel has mini jacks for key out, external speaker audio input, parallel printer and 12 VDC power input. This system includes the box, original manual, DC power cord, cables and spare fuse. S/N 85392.  [07/12]
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D150 AOR ARD300   $639.95 SOLD
Digital Voice Decoder
The AOR ARD300 decoder attaches to your compatible wideband receiver to hear most amateur digital voice modes including: P25 (Phase 1 conventional), Icom/Kenwood D-Star Icom, Alinco GMSK AMBE (for EJ-47U only), Yaesu C4FM (V/D mode), Digital CR, Icom/Kenwood NXDN, dPMR and DMR (some sub-modes not supported). The rear panel has jacks for IF, audio input, 12 VDC power in-out and DB9 for service. This demo units carries the normal AOR one year limited warranty and includes: box, original manual, DC power cords and IF BNC cable. S/N 09470490.  [08/16]
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