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Sold Used Item
X005 Acoustic Energy WiFi   $99.95 SOLD
WiFi Internet Receiver
The Acoustic Energy WiFi is a WiFi Internet receiver that uses the Reciva portal. This receiver has a backlit digital display. A WiFi network must be available for this receiver to operate. With AC adapter only.  [04/12]
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Sold Used Item
UE81 Crane CWF   $89.95 SOLD
WIFI/Internet Radio
The Crane CWF is a WiFi internet receiver that allows the user to listen to nearly any station from almost anywhere. Listen to music and sports broadcasts from around the world no subscription necessary. This radio is in fairly great shape. The rear panel features an ethernet port, headphone jack, line out and 7.5 DC power connection. Radio comes with box, manual and 7.5V power supply. The user can use a wireless router or an external ethernet connection. Operation of this radio does require a broadband internet connection.  [09/13]
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Sold Used Item
U551 Crane CSW   $89.95 SOLD
AM/FM/SW Receiver
The Crane CSW receives AM, FM and SW from 1.7 - 30 MHz. It features a digital display. The rear panel has a 75 ohm antenna jack for FM and spring loaded terminals for an AM/SW wire antenna. Comes with AC adapter, PAL antenna plugs, original Owner's Manual and box. In good condition Requires four D cells or four AA batteries (not supplied).  [06/20]
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