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UT86 Ameritron AL-84   $359.95 SOLD
HF Linear Amp
The Ameritron AL-84 covers 1.8-22 MHz bands plus has the 10 meter modification. It has a dual function meter. This unit is wired for 120 VAC . In good condition. We tested output at about 350 watts. The rear panel has a fan. With original Owner's Manual. Can quote shipping. [04/18]
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UR73 Ameritron ICP-240   $54.95 SOLD
In-Rush Protector
The Ameritron ICP-240 protects your amplifier from the massive in-rush of current when you first turn it in. Extends the life of your 240 volt linear amp.

US33 Ameritron ARB-704I2   $34.95 SOLD
Amplifier Interface
The Ameritron ARB-704I2 will work with your all models of the Icom IC-706 series, IC-718 and IC-7000. It comes with the PNP-13D cable for the IC-706 that then plugs into the rear panel. Other included items are: manual, box and 3 RCA cables. [01/18]

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