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UA34 Knight Kit TR-106 & V-107   $69.95 SOLD
6 Meter Amateur Transceiver & VFO
The Knight Kit TR-106 transceiver is a 10 watt AM rig operating in the range of 50-52 MHz with appropriate crystals or external VFO. This one includes the matching V-107 VFO. The cabinet is stained and blemished. The radio is not operating and the VFO knob is stuck. The power cord is missing. The rear panel features an SO239 jack. Includes original Build Manual and copy of 73 review with specifications. 13.25 x 5.5 x 11 inches. Sold final-sale, AS-IS. We can quote shipping on this heavy radio. [07/15]

UE01 Knight Kit T-175   $149.95
The Knight Kit T-175 amplifier kit could be built for 6 or 10 meters. This one seems to be set for the lower portion of 6. The cabinet is sound, but with some wear noted on sides and top. The rear panel features SO239 jacks. We noted 50 watts out with 10 watts input at 50.125 MHz. VOX seems fast, so not good for SSB in its current state. Uses two 6JE6A tubes. 120 VAC. VOX can be adjusted to hold longer. Write ups we have noted suggest that fast CW can out run it, but we did not test this. Includes CD Owner's Manual. 13.125 x 5.5 x 11" 20 lbs.  [11/18]

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