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UE24 Worcester SM-2 $109.95 SOLD
Medium Wave Loop Antenna
The Worcester SM-2 Space Magnet is a directional medium wave antenna covering 530 to 1660 kHz. It can be rotated 360 degrees to optimize reception, or for nulling. It operates from a 9 Volt battery (not supplied). The heart of it is an amplified 12 inch ferrite rod. In fairly good condition for a 1970s antenna. With hi-Z output cable. One of the best small format medium wave loop antennas ever made. Designed by Joe Worcester of Worcester Labs, Frankfort, New York.  [02/16]
Sold Used Item
U044 Bud LF-601-A   $20.95 SOLD
Variable Low Pass Filter
The Bud LF-601-A low pass filter features SO-239 input and output. Rated at 1000 watts 2-30 MHz. Made by Bud Radio Inc. of Cleveland, Ohio.  [05/15]

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