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Sold Used Elad FDM-77
UD77 Elad FDM-77   $299.95 SOLD
SDR Shortwave Receiver
The Elad FDM-77 SDR receiver covers 100 kHz to 60 MHz. This radio appears to never have been used. It comes with Installation Disk, USB cable and audio cable. Requires 11-15 VDC 500 mA. Power supply not included.  [04/18]
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Sold Used Elad FDM-S2
UE76 Elad FDM-S2   $439.95 SOLD
SDR Shortwave Receiver
The Elad FDM-S2 SDR receiver covers 9 kHz to 40 MHz, 74-108 MHz and 135-160 MHz. The rear panel has USB, I/O and two SMA antenna jacks. In very good condition. This receiver comes with: carry pouch, two SMA to BNC adapters, USB cables and software USB thumb-drive. Tested here on a Windows 7 PC. Made in Italy. S/N SG03GF.  [03/16]
Sold Used Elad FDM-DUO
UI20 Elad FDM-DUO   $599.95 SOLD
HF+6m QRP Transceiver
The Elad FDM-DUO SDR QRP transceiver covers 9 kHz to 54 MHz receive and amateur band transmit 160-6m with 5 watts output in CW, SSB and AM modes. Has informative 1 Hz display. The rear panel has antenna jacks and other I/O. In good condition. This radio comes with: DC cord, Icom hand mic, literature and Owner's Manual. Made in Italy. S/N SE09D0.  [12/19]
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