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US89 LNR Precision LD-11   $459.95 SOLD
HF/6m Amateur QRP Transceiver
The LNR Precision LD-11 QRP amateur transceiver covers the 160-6 ham bands in USB, LSB, CW, CW-R, AM, FM and DIGITAL modes with 5-8 Watts. It features general coverage receive from 1800 kHz 29990 kHz and 50-54 MHz This radio has an informative backlit display. The left panel has a various I/O jacks. The right panel has a speaker and other jacks. The tilt legs can flip up when not in use. With photo copy of manual, fused DC cable to Powerpoles and spare DC plug. 11.5-14.8 VDC. 4 x 4.75 x 2 inches.  [02/18]
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