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UT38 Comet CAA-500MkII   $289.95 SOLD
Antenna Analyzer
The Comet CAA-500MkII is a remarkable antenna analyzer covering 1.8 to 500 MHz. The top panel has SO239 input jack for 1.8-300 MHz and a female N for 300-500 MHz. The meter features cross-needle analog function and a color TFT display providing graphic and numerical SWR plus total impedance with R and X values. The left panel has 12 VDC input. The rear panel was the battery compartment. With DC power cable, installed AA cells and instructions. It also includes a NANUK 905 carry case that provides a high level of protection for the meter. In like-new condition with plastic cover still on display. S/N AA15E0780-1.  [04/18]
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