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UP93 Comet CFX-324 $49.95 SOLD
The Comet CFX-324 triplexer covers 1.3-150, 200-320 and 390-500 MHz handling up to 600 Watts PEP. It has three PL-259 ports and one SO-239 port.  [07/17]
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US01 Karetron $13.95 SOLD
DC LED Volt Meter
The Karetron DC Volt Meter provides a simple indication of DC voltage from 11.4 to 15 Volts via ten LEDs [04/18]

UU22 Tivoli Model One   $54.95 SOLD
AM/FM Table Radio
The Tivoli Model One is a classic AM/FM table radio providing amazing sound despite its diminutive size. Nice wood case. The rear panel has earphone out, record out, auxiliary input, AC input, FM antenna (F), AC input and 12-16 VDC input. With FM wire antenna. S/N 09005. [04/18]

UR25 Tenma 72-7665   $169.95 SOLD
External Power Supply
The Tenma 72-7665 power supply delivers 13.8 VDC fixed or 3-15 VC variable at 40 Amps intermittent. The rear panel has the AC input and fuse holder. It is in near new condition and includes owners sheet with specifications. The fan noise may be distracting for some in the shack, but would be OK for the service bench.  [08/17]

UZ61 Drake 2613   $39.95 SOLD
The Drake 2613 is a splitter-amplifier 950-1750 MHz designed for satellite operations. It comes with description sheet plus box, instructions and two F terminators. Never used.  [08/16]

U184 Nifty DS-WB-UNIV   $10.95 SOLD
Wire Bale Stand
The Nifty DS-WB-UNIVis a wire bale stand. It is a useful accessory designed to elevate your mobile radio or scanner flip stand to the desired angle.  [06/18]
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U009 INRAD RX7300   $29.95 SOLD
Rx Ant Jack IC-7300
The INRAD RX7300 is a kit that adds a receive-only jack to the Icom IC-7300. [07/18]

UB69 Telepost LP-PAN 2   $139.95 SOLD
SDR Panadapter
The Telepost LP-PAN 2 is high performance panadapter that integrates with NaP3, PowerSDR/IF, HDSDR and TRX-PAN. It is also supported in Tom, VA2FSQ's Win4K3 and Win4Yaesu programs. Includes BNC and audio cables that plug into rear panel. Additionally, the ASUS Xonar U7 external sound card is included. For more information visit:  [08/18]

UC39 Sharp QT-F40   $44.95 SOLD
The Sharp QT-F40 (GR) is a portable AM/FM and cassette. In good condition, works fine (including cassette deck) and sounds nice. The supplied AC cord plugs into the back panel. S/N 60901200. [07/17]

W011 Alpha Delta Delta-4   $59.95 SOLD
Antenna Switch
The Alpha Delta Delta-4 is a four-position antenna switch with built-in surge protection. It can handle up to 1500W SSB. Rated to 500 MHz. It features SO-239 jacks.  [09/18]
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U270 TAK-tenna 40  $119.95 SOLD
HF Antenna
The TAK-tenna 40 is an HF amateur antenna. Includes assembly instructions. In large flat box. New and unassembled. For more information visit:  [10/18]

UO01 Sherwood Eng. FS-4 Intfc Kit   $34.95 SOLD
Interface Kit
The Sherwood Engineering FS-4 Interface Kit provides a more elegant interface of the Drake FS-4 to the R-4C. It provides the simultaneous use of FS-4 with existing receiver crystals. Requires advanced technical and soldering skills to install. With instruction sheet. As with all kits, it is sold AS-IS, final sale.  [05/18]
Click here for information at Sherwood website.

U330 Super Antenna MP1D   $319.95 SOLD
HF Portable Antenna
The Super Antenna MP1D HF portable antenna system is new in sealed bags. It includes: MP1B Vertical Antenna Basic, TM1 Tripod,   MC80 Coil 75-80m, MC60 Coil 60m, MR4020 Radials 40/30/20m, MR8060 Radials 80/75/60m, MR2010 Radials 20/10m, UM2 Vertical Mount, UM3 Vertical Mount TM2, FG1 Frequency Guide. All this comes in a black canvas carry bag.  [06/18]

UD55 Garmin GPS-38   $21.95 SOLD
The Garmin GPS-38 is a GPS receiver that operates from 4 AA batteries. It has a backlit LCD display. With manual, quick-start guide, cable and box.  [10/18]

UU52 Sony PYXIS Banner   $24.95 SOLD
Store Banner
The Sony PYXIS nylon cloth store banner promotes the Sony PYXIS® GPS system. 6 feet wide by 4 feet tall. A rare and fun find for the Sony collector.  [12/16]

UT51 Bud Radio FCC-90   $29.95 SOLD
Crystal Calibrator
The Bud Radio FCC-90 is a crystal calibrator that emits a marker signal every 1 MHz. Includes PR 1000 kHz crystal. Has on/off switch on left panel. Operates from 120 VAC.  [02/19]

W151 Unknown   $41.95 SOLD
This Quadrifilar Helix satellite antenna is only about 16 inches long. It has a short Belden 84316 lead cable to an N male connector. Can also be used to mash potatoes. Manufacturer is unknown.  [04/07]
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