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UA10 Elecraft K3   $1639.95 SOLD
HF/6m Amateur Transceiver
This Elecraft K3 amateur transceiver covers 160 to 6 meters. It features many options including:  KBPF3A general coverage receive, KAT3 100W ATU, KDVR2 digital voice, KNB3 NB, KPA3 100 watt PA, KXVR I/O for Rx Ant/transverter and hand mic. It has all factory mods through 08/15. The rear panel features two quiet fans. The left panel has a handle and the right panel has feet. There is a tilt bail. In very good condition. Comes with Owner's Manual, KBPF3A instructions and factory configuration CD. S/N TH 2680. [05/18]
Next PageCompatible with P3 Panadapter sold separately.
Sold Used Item
UA09 Elecraft P3   $439.95 SOLD
The Elecraft P3 is a panadapter for the Elecraft K3 transceiver. It graphically displays a portion of the spectrum (2 to 200 kHz wide). Screen may be split to simulataneously show both spectrum and waterfall displays. Easy connections to the rear panel via supplied RS232, BNC and RCA cables. It features a tilt bail In very nice condition. With Owner's Manual. S/N 4825.  [05/18]
Next PageCompatible with K3/K3s sold separately.
used Elecraft T1
UJ71 Elecraft T1 $139.95 SOLD
QRP Auto Tuner
This Elecraft T1 is a compact QRP automatic tuner for 160 through 6 meters. It can handle from 0.5 to 20 watts. The top panel features BNC input and output jacks. Operation is from a 9 Volt battery. 4.4 x 2.5 x 0.9" 5 oz. With manuals. [02/20]
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