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Sold Used Item
UA26 HFC LNA-70cm-VOX   $79.95 SOLD
Low Noise 70cm Preamp
The HFC LNA-70cm-VOX is a low noise noise 70 cm (430-440 MHz) preamplifier using a GaAs FET design. It features a bandpass filter to suppress out-of-band interference. It features automatic transmit/receive switching (for up to 100 watts). Has N connectors for I/O. Housed in a sturdy tinplate housing (74x56x30mm). Made in Germany. With DC power cable and instruction sheet (in German).[05/18]
Sold Used Item
UJ58 Swagur AMP-L T-A   $39.95 SOLD
L-Band Receive Low Noise Amp
This Swagur AMP-L T-A is a L-Band receive Low Noise Amp and Bias-T. For 1-2 GHz. Primarily used for weather satellite receive applications. Includes 15 VDC power supply.  [10/18]
used item
UU09 SHF Systems SHF 2400BDFS   $69.95 SOLD
Satellite Converter
The SHF Systems SHF 2400BDFS satellite converter converts a 2400 MHz received signal to 144 MHz. The rear panel has an N jack for input and a BNC jack for output. We had no way to test this device. But it is covered by our usual 60-day limited warranty. S/N 209.  [06/18]
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