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Used Book
BD04 Ionospheric Radio   $78.95 SOLD
By Kenneth Davies. IEEE Publ. 580 pgs. Hard cover ©1990 Good. [07/19]
Used Book
BB28 RF Components and Circuits   $28.95 SOLD
By Joe Carr. Newness-Elsevier Science Publ. 398 pgs. ©2002 Good. [07/18]
Sold Used Item
BC36 101 Ways to Use Your Oscilloscopes   $3.95 SOLD
By Robert Middleton 192 p. Sams Publ. ©1967 Good. [05/19]
Sold Used Item
BC17 Oscilloscopes - Selecting and Restoring a Classic   $8.95 SOLD
By Stan Griffiths 372 p. Griffiths Publ. ©1992 Good. [05/19]
Sold Used Item
BA11 Brilliant LED Projects   $10.95 SOLD
By Nick Dossis. TAB Publ. Good. [07/18]
Used Book
BD37 PC HF Facsimile 6.0 Manual   $9.95 SOLD
By John Hoot. Software Systems Consulting. With 3.5" MS DOS 720k disk. ©1991. Good. [08/19]
Sold Used Item
BA89 Essential Characteristics   $6.95 SOLD
By GE Publ. 473 p. [07/18]
Sold Used Item
BC16 Your Own FM Radio Station   $8.95 SOLD
By Peter Hunn 155 p. Tab Publ. ©1988 Good. [05/19]
Sold Used Item
B92 Mastering Technical Mathmatics   $6.95 SOLD
By Norman Crowhurst. Hardboud 493 p. McGraw Hill Publ. ©1992 Good. [04/19]
Sold Used Item
BC05 Secrets of RF Circuit Design   $8.95 SOLD
By Joseph Carr. 216 p. Tab/McGraw Hill Publ. ©1991 Good. [04/19]
Sold Used Item
BC64 Reading Schematics   $5.95 SOLD
By Robert Traister. Tab Publ. 134 pgs. ©1983 Good. [06/19]
Sold Used Item
BC08 Land Mobile Radio Systems   $8.95 SOLD
By Edward Singer. Hardbound 257 p. Prentice Hall Publ. ©1991 Good. [04/19]
Used Book
BB93 World of Satellite TV   $7.95 SOLD
By Mark Long & Jeffery Keating. 220 p. 21st Century Publ. ©1993 Good. [04/19]
Used Book
BD12 The Hidden Signals on Satellite TV   $7.95 SOLD
By Thomas Harrington & Bob Cooper Jr. 179 p. Universal Electronics Publ. ©1984 Good. [047/19]
Used Book
BD00 Radio Receiver Projects You Can Build   $10.95 SOLD
By Homer L. Davidson. McGraw Hill Publ. 312 pgs. ©1983 Good. [07/19]
Used Book
BC00 The Electronics of Radio   $8.95 SOLD
By David Rutledge. 431 p. Cambridge Publ. ©2005 Good. [04/19]
Used Book
BD31 44 Electronics Projects for Hams, SWLs, CBers & Radio Experimenters   $5.95 SOLD
By Dave Ingram K4TWJ 181 pages. Tab Publ. ©1981 Good. [08/19]
Used Book
BD19 Understanding & Repairing CB Radios   $89.95 SOLD
By Lou Franklin. C.B. City International. 365 pgs. ©1988 Good. [07/19]
Used Book
BD14 Power Up! How to Make Battery Adapters for Portable & Mobile Military Radios, & Other Military & Non-Military Electronics   $9.95 SOLD
By CRB Publ. 95 p. ©1994 Good. [07/19]
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