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UE17 Hygain DCU-1   $369.95 SOLD
Rotor Controller
The Hygain DCU-1 digital rotator unit is designed to control the T-2X, HAM-IV and HAM-V families of rotators. Please note that DCU-1 is merely a controller and not a complete rotator system. The box for this unit was opened but the controller and associated parts remained sealed. Includes 20 page spiral bound manual and warranty card.  [03/19]
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Hofi HO 600
U979 Hofi HO 600   $90.95
Remote Coax Switch
The Hofi HO 600 indoor remote coax switch switches up to five coax fed antennas via one main feed-line. The device has SO239 input and output. Please note that control box or simple 12 VDC power supply with rotary switch is required to control this switch. It is rated for 3000W on HF and 1000W at 145 MHz. Precision made in Germany. Each unit has a performance test certificate showing loss and isolation for each position. With box, U-bolt and manual in German. S/N 424 073. This is NOS (new old stock). Never used. [08/22]
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