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Used Book
BC57 Tuning In To RF Scanning   $8.95 SOLD
By Henry Eisenson. Index Publ. 318 p. ©1994. Good. [06/19]
[ No item ]
Used Book
BD20 Top Secret Registry of U.S. Government Radio Frequencies 25-470 MHz   $9.95 SOLD
By Tom Kneitel. CRB Publ. 192 p. ©1987. Good. [07/19]
Used Book
BD27 Monitoring The Military   $9.95 SOLD
By Daryll Symington. Radio Info Systems Publishing ©1990. Good. [08/19]
Used Book
BC60 TravelScan
Emergency Frequencies Across America
By Henry Eisenson. Paladan Publ. 119 p. ©1999. Good. [06/19]
Used Book
BE69 Cop Talk!   $7.95 SOLD
By Laura Quarantino. Tiare Publ. 112 p. ©1999. Good. [01/20]

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