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SP Radio Sailor 46T
W781 SP Radio Sailor 46T   $89.95 SOLD
LW-MW-SW DF Receiver
This SP Radio Sailor 46T is a solid state direction finding radio covering longwave (150-425 kHz), medium wave (525-1600 kHz) and marine shortwave (1600-4000 kHz). The left panel has jacks for speaker, phones, DC power input and antenna inputs for conventional or included directional antenna that covers all bands. It operates from 12 VDC or the right panel has access to an internal 6 x D battery holder that has mild corrosion. The top panel has some blemishes and the bottom has rubber feet of the radio may be wall mounted. The included photocopied manual covers many subjects such as specifications in detail, direction finding, schematic, parts location, etc.. Made in Denmark by famous Radio Sailor company. S/N 69824B. Not working. SOLD AS-IS final sale. This is a 20 lb. radio.  [06/22]
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