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Available Used:  Portable Shortwave Radios 

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UP42 Etón FR1000   $59.95
The Eton FR1000 is your ideal emergency radio. It receives AM, FM and NOAA weather. Plus it has a built-in GMRS transceiver (with antenna). And everything is powered with the AC adapter (supplied), NiMH battery (included) or four AA cells. Plus there is a wind-up dynamo crank. There are also flashlight and siren functions. And you can even charge your cell phone with the included USB cable. Jacks under protective flap on rear panel. Comes with manual, USB cable, AC adapter and box. (This radio does not receive shortwave).  [01/18]
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UN15 Sony ICF-SW55   $269.95 SOLD
Portable LW-MW-SW-FM Radio
The Sony ICF-SW55 has a large LCD and features keypad entry. Volume controls and Tone are on the right side. The left side has inputs and outputs. The flip-stand on the rear panel is missing. This ICF-SW55 system includes: hard system case, soft case, AC-E604 AC powers supply, AN-71 wind up antenna, wire antenna adapter and original manuals. Clean battery compartment. S/N 69407.  [04/17]
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UU67 Grundig Transistor 5000   $199.95 HOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The Grundig Transistor 5000 (Satellit 205a) has an analog display. It features the band buttons for LW/MW/SW/FM. Rotary knob on left side for spread band selection. The top panel has controls for Volume, Bass and Treble. The rear panel has a sliding door for the AC cord and various I/O connections. The bottom panel has a clean battery compartment. Made in West Germany. When we acquired this radio only FM worked. It has serviced and cleaned, but some controls are still scratchy. Includes photocopy of manual and a new copy of Grundig Satellit - All Models which includes this model.  [04/18]
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