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Available Used:  Portable Shortwave Radios 

Grundig Field BT
D143 Eton Grundig Field BT   $89.95 SOLD
AM/FM/SW Receiver
The Eton Field BT Grundig Edition receives AM, FM and SW from 1.7 - 30 MHz. The front panel features a digital display and a five inch built in speaker. It has Bluetooth® technology to allow you to wirelessly play your Bluetooth® music player or other device through the radio. The rear panel has antenna ports for an external SW antenna, a AM or FM antennas. This radio requires four D cell batteries (not supplied) or included AC power supply. Radio also comes with the original box and manual.  [08/13]
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UH50 Eton FRX5 SWL   $44.95
AM/FM/SW Receiver
The Eton FRX5 SWL is your ideal emergency radio. It receives AM, FM and 12 international shortwave broadcast bands. It is powered from a solar panel, hand crank, built-in rechargeable lithium battery or three AAA batteries (not included). In good condition with USB charging cable and box only.  [08/19]
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Sold Used Item
UG67 Sony ICF-2010   $239.95 SOLD
AM/FM/SW/VHF Air Receiver
The Sony ICF-2010 digital radio receives AM, FM, SW and VHF Air bands. The digital display is 100 Hz and 32 keys that correspond to the 32 memories. The left side has antenna inputs, Local/DX switch, ear and record jacks. There is a flip stand on the rear panel. The previous owner has added a metal carry handle. The system includes original Sony AC-3DM power supply, original operating manual and antenna adapter. Requires two AA and three D cell batteries (not supplied).  [07/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used Grundig Satellit 750
W306 Grundig Satellit 750   $64.95
Portable MW-SW-FM-VHF Air Radio
The Grundig Satellit 750 features a large LCD display and keypad entry. This radio receives all AM, FM and shortwave frequencies plus the VHF Air band (118-137 MHz). The top of the radio features a large rotatable AM antenna. The back panel has a clean battery compartment. This bone-yard radio is missing the rotary encoder and perhaps other items. The knobs are in a plastic bag. Sold not working, AS-IS final sale strictly for parts. S/N S7500906003158.  [07/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used Zenith Royal 780
UH15 Zenith Royal 780   $44.95
Portable AM-LW Radio
The Zenith Royal 780 Navigator is a portable radio that covers AM 550-1600 kHz and long wave 150-400 kHz. The two large knobs on the front are for volume and tuning. The two smaller knobs are for Normal/Navigation and band selection. The top panel has an adjustable bearing knob. Rear panel gives access to the battery compartment interior (with wires sticking out!). This radio is definetly not working. It is in rather worn, poor condition and is sold AS-IS final sale. S/N 8CT42Z2.  [08/19]
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