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Available Used:  Tabletop Shortwave   

To order please call:  1 614 866-4267 (Mon-Fri 10 AM - 5 PM ET).
All items carry a 60-day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".

WA78 Japan Radio Co. NRD-345   $599.95 SOLD
Shortwave Communications Receiver
The Japan Radio Co. NRD-345 tunes 100 to 30000 kHz. It features a digital 10 Hz LCD display and analog meter. This radio has keypad entry. The rear panel has inputs for coaxial or wire antennas and other I/O jacks including RS-232. The cabinet has a speaker built into the top panel. The bottom of the cabinet features a pull-out tilt bail. Includes installed optional CFQ-8673 daughter board and CFL-232 500 Hz CW filter. Comes with original JRC NBB-429 power supply. With worn original box with buffers, spare fuse, two lamps, Owner's Manual and Service Manual. Also two different brochures and paper advertising banner. S/N RG4129. Tested great 06/13/24.  [06/24]
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Japan Radio NRD-525
U992 Japan Radio NRD-525   $239.95
Shortwave Communications Receive
The Japan Radio NRD-525 is a multimode shortwave receiver covering 90 kHz to 34 MHz. It has an incorrect frequency display and S-Meter. It has Tone, PBT and Notch and keypad entry. The color mis-matched top panel has a built-in speaker. The rear panel has:  selectable AC input, antenna inputs and other I/O. This radio is missing feet, screws, NB control, jacks, bezel, logo, etc. as shown. With the display inoperative you can only accurately select a frequency by the keypad. The radio does in fact receive (tested 10/29/22). It was used in our Service Dept. to switch out boards. It would not be practical for normal listening, but does provide a complete set of tested, working boards. With original Owner's Manual & brochure, box and accessory pack (fuse, plugs). S/N 43906. Sold AS-IS final sale.  [10/22]
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P159 JRC NDH-518   $49.95
External Memory Unit
The Japan Radio Co. NDH-518 external memory unit designed specifically for use with the NRD-515 receiver. It stores 96 memories in four banks of 24 channels. Stores frequency only. It has a rear panel cable that simply plugs into the rear panel of the NRD-515. This is an incomplete, non-functioning, parts-only unit. We note the top is missing one screw, the interior is missing 2 AA holders the front panel is missing a knob and the bottom is missing a foot. Sold AS-IS final sale.  [10/22]
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All used items have been tested and feature a 60 day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
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