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Available Used:  Tabletop Shortwave   

Sold Used Item
U471A National NC-190   $169.95
Shortwave Receiver
This National NC-190 general coverage receiver has a bandspread that includes ham bands plus the SWL bands. This radio has: BFO, AGC, ANL, Standby and 3 bandwidths. The rear panel has RCA and antenna screw inputs and speaker output. The front panel and cabinet is in really good shape, but there are issues. The on/off switch does not work (bypassed), sensitivity is low, some controls like BFO and bandspread select slipping. Other controls are scratchy. Needs considerable TLC to bring back to original glory. Has the flip-down stand that angles the radio. Includes original manual with pull-out schematic. Sold final sale, AS-IS. S/N 3191. 15.75 x 8.75 x 9" 28 lbs. Can quote shipping.  [01/20]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
[ No item ]
used radio
U233 Motobras ARM-SD41   $119.95
AM/FM/SW Car Radio
The Motobras ARM-SD41 (SPIX VIII) covers AM (530-1760 kHz, 1 kHz display), SW1 (4.68-6.36 MHz, 10 kHz display, 1 kHz tune resolution), SW2 (9.4-12.13 MHz, 10 kHz display) and FM 87-109.3 MHz, 100 kHz display). Comes with DIN frame and DIN release tool. Requires 12 VDC, neg. ground. The rear panel has a standard Motorola antenna input jack. When the radio is off, the clock displays. Made in Brazil. With box.  [09/18]
[ No item ]
used radio
UE25 Zenith J733   $44.95
AM/FM Clock Radio
The stylish Zenith J733 is an AM/FM tube clock radio. Some wear spots noted, but in over-all good cosmetic condition. The radio does not work, and there 3 missing knobs on the front. The clock does work. The rear panel has external antenna terminals and AC out outlet connected to the clock. The bottom has a tube diagram and operating instructions. Sold AS-IS final sale.
[This radio does not tune shortwave].

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