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Available Used:  Tabletop Shortwave   

UC19 AOR AR7030   $859.95
Shortwave Communications Receiver
The AOR AR7030 covers 10 kHz to 30 MHz. This multi-mode receiver has a digital display. The time is displayed when the radio is off. The rear panel has antenna input and record and speaker output. The top of the cabinet looks good. The bottom has a tilt bail. This radio comes with the AOR remote, an AOR AC power supply and stapled Owner's Manual. Please note this is not a "Plus" version, but has a total of 6 filters and the NB/Notch option. S/N 100090.  [09/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UD77 Elad FDM-77   $299.95
SDR Shortwave Receiver
The Elad FDM-77 SDR receiver covers 100 kHz to 60 MHz. This radio appears to never have been used. It comes with Installation Disk, USB cable and audio cable. Requires 11-15 VDC 500 mA. Power supply not included.  [04/18]
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U233 Motobras ARM-SD41   $169.95
AM/FM/SW Car Radio
The Motobras ARM-SD41 (SPIX VIII) covers AM (530-1760 kHz, 1 kHz display), SW1 (4.68-6.36 MHz, 10 kHz display, 1 kHz tune resolution), SW2 (9.4-12.13 MHz, 10 kHz display) and FM 87-109.3 MHz, 100 kHz display). Comes with DIN frame and DIN release tool. Requires 12 VDC, neg. ground. The rear panel has a standard Motorola antenna input jack. When the radio is, the clock displays. Made in Brazil. With box.  [09/18]

UA93 National SW-54   $64.95
Shortwave Receiver
This National SW54 receiver has four bands covering .55-31 MHz. It has a 0 to 100 logging scale. The rear panel has antenna and headphone tip jack. We do note scratches and wear spots. Includes the photocopy of Owner's Manual with schematic. It receives only intermittantly and hums. Sold AS-IS, final sale.  [04/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

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