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Available Used:  VHF-UHF Scanner Receivers   

used radio
UH47 Bearcat BC396T   $139.95 SOLD
Handheld Scanner
The Bearcat BC396T covers 25-1300 MHz (less cellular) to include VHF Low, VHF High, VHF Air, UHF, 800 MHz public service and 1240-1300 MHz. With 5500 channels and TrunkTracker IV™ Technology. Includes Manual, box, AC adapter and antenna. Operates from either three AA alkaline or NiMH batteries (neither supplied) that insert from rear panel. [08/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used radio
UG27 Bearcat BC-895XLT   $51.95 SOLD
The Bearcat BC-895T covers VHF Low, VHF High, VHF Air, UHF, UHF Air and 800 MHz public service (less cellular). With 300 channels and TrunkTracker technology. The top panel has a speaker. The backlighting on the LCD is nhot working. The back panel has a BNC antenna jack. This radio comes with the AC adapter only.  [06/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Sold Used Item
UI01A Bearcat Home Patrol   $22.95 SOLD
Touch Screen Scanner
The Bearcat Home Patrol is a touch screen tabletop/portable scanner that covers 25-54, 108-512 and 758-960 MHz (less cellular) in AM, FM and FM wide modes. The left side features an SMA type antenna jack. First the good news. The scanner is in great cosmetic shape, has a clean battery compatment with 2Gb SDHC card inserted. Now the bad news. This radio does not power up. Dead-O! No accessories. Sold AS-IS, final sale for parts. S/N363Z04001866. [09/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used radio
U386 Accessories 350/355   $35.95
Scanner Accessories
This is package of accessories for the Uniden 350 and Uniden 355C series scanners. It includes: AD-140U AC adapter, DC cord, DC cigar plug cord, BNC wire antenna, mounting bracket and knobs for bracket. [05/19]

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