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Sold Used Icom IC-7300
U642 Icom IC-7300   $739.95 SOLD
HF/6m Amateur Transceiver
The Icom IC-7300 is a multi-mode transceiver covering 160 through 6 meters with 100 watts. It has a color touch screen display. The rear panel has various I/O connection. The cabinet is in good shape. This radio comes with the Icom hand mic, DC cord, box and manual. Requires 13.8 VDC at 22 Amps. S/N 02022970. [07/20]
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UJ75 SGC SG-2020ADSP   $569.95 SOLD
HF Amateur Transceiver
The SGC SG-2020ADSP is a QRP HF transceiver that covers 160-10 meters in CW/SSB at 0 to 20 watts. This radio also has CW/SSB general coverage receive from 1.8 to 29.7 MHz. It has an LCD display. The condition is good with only minor wear noted on edges. The rear panel has SO-239 antenna input. Includes the DC cord, SGC hand mic, box and manual copy in binder. S/N 79655577  [06/20]
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Yaesu FT-950
U518 Yaesu FT-950   $619.95 SOLD
HF+6M Amateur Transceiver
The Yaesu FT-950 features a very cool digital display. This multi-mode transceiver has 100 watts on SSB, CW and FM. The radio is in good physical and performing condition. Carry handle on right panel.The rear panel has SO-239 antenna jack and other I/O jacks. We note the DC jack is slightly askew. Includes MH31 hand mic and DC power cord, original Owner's Manual, and box with and buffers. S/N 9G240130.  [04/20]
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Heathkit VHF-1 Seneca
U509 Heathkit VHF-1 Seneca   $159.95
6m/2m Amateur Transmitter
The Heathkit VHF-1 Seneca is a CW/Phone transmitter for 6 and 2 meters. Power input is 140W CW, 120W AM on 6 meters and 110W CW, 95W AM on 2 meters. This transmitter lights up and is in good cosmetic condition, but does not transmit. And the chassis is "hot". Mic plugs into rear panel Includes Owner's Manual with specifications and separate diagrams. Sold AS-IS, final sale. Prefer local pickup, but can quote shipping on this 50 pound device. 117 VAC. [03/20]
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