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Available Used:  Amateur Base   

UA64 Kenwood TS-820   $319.95
HF Amateur Transceiver
The Kenwood TS-820 covers the non-WARC HF bands in CW/LSB/USB modes. It also receives WWV at 15 MHz. It has analog and digital displays. There are many I/O connections on the rear panel. The right panel has a handle. In fair condition with cabinet wear spots noted. Operates from 120 VAC with supplied AC cord. With Owner's Manual (missing cover) and Service Manual. No mic. Operates from 120 VAC! S/N 460117. 40 lbs. Can quote shipping.  [06/18]
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UT08 Oak Hills QRP20/40  $89.95
QRP 40 Meter CW Transceiver
The Oak Hills Research QRP20/40 is a QRP 40 meter CW transceiver with 2 to 3 watts output. It has a superhet design with CW crystal filter, RIT and sidetone oscillator. The rear panel has jacks for power, code key and SO-239 antenna. Please note this radio operates only on 40 meters and requires 12 VDC. 6.25 x 2.25 x 6 inches 24 oz. [03/18]

UA71 Oak Hills QRP Explorer $89.95
QRP 80m Transceiver
The Oak Hills QRP Explorer is a QRP 80 meter CW transceiver covering 3.645 to 3.745 MHz with 1 to 2 watts. It is in good condition, but we note that receive is a little raspy and may need alignment. Comes with a 1.7/4.75mm DC plug only.  [06/18]

UA68 CR Kits KN-Q7A $79.95
QRP 40m SSB Transceiver
The CR Kits KN-Q7A is an unassembled QRP 40 meter SSB transceiver covering 7.145 to 7.165 MHz with 10 watts PEP. Includes unbound printed manual and full color manual PDF on CD. All unassembled kits are sold AS-IS, final sale.  [06/18]

UU78 Drake T-4XC   $369.95
HF Transmitter
The Drake T-4XC covers 80 - 10 meter ham bands with 200W input. It features an analog dial and meter. Modes are SSB, CW, AM and RTTY. Both the top panel and rear panel look good. This system includes the Drake AC-4 power supply. With original Owner's Manual with specifications.. S/N 29642  [04/18]
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UP81 Heathkit HW-22A   $179.95 SOLD
40m Amateur Transceiver +PS
The Heathkit HW-22A is 40 meter SSB transceiver covering 7.2-7.3 MHz. Includes the HP-23A power supply, the power supply cable, and mounting bracket. We have it basically working, but note buzz on transmit. Further cleaning and TLC needed. Sold as-is because of age. S/N 834-1837.  [04/18]

UQ11 Hallicrafters HT-37   $239.95
HF Amateur Transmitter
This Hallicrafters HT-37 transmitter covers amateur bands 80 through 10 meters in SSB, CW and DSB [AM] modes. It has an analog dial. Has meter. The rear panel has antenna and other I/O jacks. With very worn original manual and literature sheet. Works but sold AS-IS because of age. Prefer local pick-up, but can quote shipping. 80 lbs.! S/N 337000130058. Makes a great pair with the SX-100, SX-111 or SX-115 receiver (not supplied).  [07/17]
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