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Available Used:  Speakers, Headphones & Mics   

D127 West Mountain CLRspkr   $167.95
Noise Reduction Speaker
The CLRspkr uses the ClearSpeech® adaptive noise reduction circuit and 7.5 Watt audio amplifier to provide intelligible audio. The rear panel has jacks for 13.8 VDC and audio (mini jack) input. This item includes: box, manual, DC power cord (that terminates in Powerpoles) and a mini to mini audio cable.  [03/18]
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UA31 Heil Amplified Speaker   $19.95 SOLD
Amplified Speaker
This Heil Sound Speaker has an internal amplifier but we could not find a pin-out diagram for the rear panel DIN jack. Thus we could not test it, but when we applied 12 VDC it did light. Sold AS-IS.  [05/18]

UT00 Icom SP-8   $32.95
Mobile Speaker
The Icom SP-8 speaker has a very thin design, and clip on the rear panel so it may be fastened to a vehicle sun visor. The supplied cable terminates to a mini (3.5mm) plug. Good condition, but slight indent dimple noted on grille.  [04/18]
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UU19 SGC SGC-2000 Speaker   $59.95
External Speaker
The SGC SGC-2000 Speaker is designed to match the famous SG-2000 transceiver line. The rear panel has 3.5mm mini jack input. The bracket supports mounting under or over at any angle. Robust construction.  [04/18]

UA24 Heil HQP   $59.95
The Heil HQP Quiet Phones headphones feature active noise cancellation. There is a slide switch on the left earpiece to turn the noise cancellation on or off. Requires one AA cell. Includes 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter.  [06/18]
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UM73 Alinco EMS-14   $89.95
Desk Mic
The Alinco EMS-14 desk mic has Up, Down, PTT and Lock buttons on the base. There is a red On Air LED. There is a adjustable gain control and FM/SSB switch on the bottom of the base. With original box and instruction sheet.  [06/18]
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UH57 Pryme PMC-100   $29.95 SOLD
Desk Mic
The Pryme PMC-100 desk mic is compatible with many Kenwood and Yaesu Radios. The bottom has a Kenwood/Yaesu switch. Not all functions on the mic base are supported in all models. Includes raw mic cable with two modular plugs and cables for Kenwood/Yaesu. With instructions and very worn box.  [05/18]

UA16 Heil HCLP   $159.95
Desk Mic
The Heil HCLP Classic Pro desk mic has a wide 40 - 18,000 Hz frequency response and cardioid pattern. The rear panel has a wide-narrow switch. Includes CC1-Y cable and Heil bag.  [05/18]
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UA02 Astatic D104   $64.95
Desk Mic
This Astatic D104 desk mic has an eagle engraved on the back of the head. The "G" base has felt on the bottom and is wired to an 8 pin mic plug. [05/18]

UG60 Aiwa DM-47   $59.95
Desk Mic
This Aiwa DM-47 desk mic is a quality built, uni-direction dynamic microphone. 50k Ohm. Comes with long cable terminating in ¼" mono plug, box and 4 page instructions. (Does not come with a base).  [06/18]

UA62 Kenwood MC-50   $59.95 SOLD
Desk Mic
The Kenwood MC-50 desk mic has PTT and LOCK buttons. It has a 4 pin mic plug for the TS-120S, TS-520S, TS-530S, TS-830S etc. Wear spots and chipping noted on mic.  [06/18]
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UR24 Icom HM-175GPS   $79.95
Speaker Microphone
The Icom HM-175 GPS is a speaker mic with integrated GPS designed for use with the ID-92A. The multi-conductor plug inserts in the top of the HT. The mic clip on the rear has broken off.  [12/17]
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UP68 Yaesu YM-24A   $24.95
Speaker Mic
The Yaesu YM-24A speaker mic has a mic clip on the back. It is designed to work with the FT-208R/708R HTs.  [12/17]
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UP41 Heathkit HS-24   $17.95
This Heathkit HS-24 speaker features a 4x6 speaker. A speaker cable with RCA phono plugged is wired into the rear panel. The cabinet condition is rather awful. S/N 1380.  [07/17]
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