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Available Used:  Speakers & Headphones    

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Ecotrends DJ Style
W707 Ecotrends DJ Style   $9.95
Head Phones
The Ecotrends DJ Style is a foldable stereo headphone set with padded ear pads. 20-20 kHz, 32 ohm. Termination is to a 1/8" stereo audio miniplug. Brand new. Never opened. View package rear.  [09/21]
Doinshop SM-750MV
UD52 Doinshop SM-750MV   $14.95
Head Set
The Doinshop SM-750MV headset includes a pull down mic boom, adjustable padded headband, and padded ear pieces. Termination is to a 1/8" stereo mic plug (with 1/4" adapter), and 1/8" stereo audio plug.  [10/18]
Hoisiden DH-48-S
W039 Hoisiden DH-48-S   $14.95
Head Set
The Hoisiden DH-48-S stereo headset features padded ear pieces. Ear ear piece has a volume control. The coiled cord terminates to a 3 conductor ¼ plug.  [10/18]
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