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UD86 Kenwood VC-20   $289.95
Internal VHF Converter for R-5000
The Kenwood VC-20 simply plugs inside the R-5000 and adds 108-174 MHz coverage with the full frequency display. No soldering or special tools needed. Simple connection. Click here to view bottom. Includes mounting screws. S/N 0080001.[11/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UD44 Kantronis DVR 2-2   $39.95
Data/Voice Transceiver
The Kantronis DVR 2-2 is 2 meter two channel (one initially supplied), 2 watt, voice/data transceiver. Has transmit crystals for 145.900 and 145.975, but is missing both receive crystals. We tested output at 2 watts. Also noted transmit signal is about 20-30 kHz off. Power jack on rear panel has been modified to accept conventional DC power plug. With literature page that includes specifications. In good cosmetic condition, but sold AS-IS, final sale. S/N 83001194. [11/18]

UL87 Yaesu FH-2   $42.95
Remote Keypad
The Yaesu FH-2 is a wired remote control keypad. It works with the FT-950, FT-991, FT-991A, FT-2000 and FTDX1200.  [08/18]
Click here for technical info on this current model

UA03 Drake UMK-3   $89.95
Remote Mounting Kit
Here is one you don't often see ... actually never. The rare Drake UMK-3 remote mounting kit allows the body of the famous Drake UV-3 to be mounted in the trunk to a dummy head with only the control head under the dash. Comes with a nice generic speaker. We have added a photo-copy of the instructions. Includes original box and appears never to have been used!  [04/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U329 AOR BFO-1   $39.95
Battery Charge Adapter
The AOR BFO-1 is an option for use with the AOR AR2515 wideband receiver adding SSB and CW capability. There is an LED and DC input jack on the right side. [11/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U321 Drake??? 2-LF   $37.95
Low Frequency Converter
This 2-LF adds low frequency coverage to the Drake 2B and Drake 2C receivers. It simply plugs into the Crystal Calibrator socket via the 4-pin plug on the rear. Includes a 27.5 MHz crystal providing reception of 0-500 kHz. With instructions and diagram. We noticed this one looked a bit different from other 2-LF units we have seen. We initially thought it was early Drake production, but upon further examination we now think it is a third party functional reproduction.  [10/18]
Click here for technical info on similar Drake 2-LF

UN34 Icom RS-91   $19.95
Remote Control Software & Cable
The Icom RS-91 is remote control software and cable for the Icom IC-91A or IC-91E HT transceiver. With original box, instruction sheet, OPC-1529R serial cable (which sells for $32!) and Windows software CD. S/N 02069.  [12/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

US41 Yaesu ERB   $29.95
Relay Box
The Yaesu Yaesu ERB is a plug-in, external relay box for the FT-301 series.  [01/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UH29 Yaesu PA-3   $12.95
Car Adapter/Charger
The Yaesu PA-3 is a car adapter and charger for several early Yaesu HTs including the FT-209RH. Output is 10.8 VDC 1 Amp.  [06/18]

UR61 Yaesu VAC-370B   $34.95
Quick Charger
The Yaesu VAC-370 drop-in quick charger comes with the PA-49B AC adapter. Designed for use with the Yaesu FT-60, FT-270R/277R and VX-170 HTs.  [06/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U238 Icom AD-14   $10.95
Battery Charge Adapter
The Icom AD-14 battery charge adapter for use with the Icom IC-2SAT series. It is comparable with the BP-81, BP-82, BP-83, BP-84 and BP-90. [09/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U229 Ameco PV-27   $11.95
The Ameco PV-27 is a 27 MHz Nuvistor preamp. Motorola jacks for input and output. Not tested and sold AS-IS final sale.  [08/18]

UJ87 Johnson Viking 250-46   $16.95
Phone Patch
The Johnson Viking 250-46 phone patch can be used with a variety of radios. The rear has terminals and mic input. Includes instruction sheet.  [11/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
[ No item ]

U251 Yaesu ADMS-1C   $19.95
Programming Kit
The Yaesu ADMS-1C is a programming kit for the FT10/40/50 and FT-11/41/51 HTs. Includes 3.25" diskette, manual, DB9 serial cable, mini 4C to mini 3C adapter cable and original box. [10/18]

UR96 Kenwood UT-28S   $89.95
10 Meter Module
The UT-28S is an optional 10 meter module for the TM-642A, TM-741A, TM-742A. View bottom. Has an SO-239 pigtail input. We had no way to test this device. However, we will offer our usual 60 day used equipment warranty. S/N 30100321.  [06/18]

UJ61 Atlas DMK-XL   $79.95
Mobile Mount Kit
The Atlas DMK-XL is an optional slide-in mobile mounting kit for the famous Atlas 350-XL. When installed; the power, audio and antenna connections will be made automatically. The rear has an SO-239 jack. Includes accessories and instruction sheet. Appears to have never been put into service. An exceptional find for the Atlas collector.  [06/17]

UN13 Kenwood KSC-6   $12.95
Compact Charger
The Kenwood KSC-6 compact charger consists of two pieces. The KSC-6 plug-in battery charger (12 VDC @160mA [+]) and metal drop-in charge tray. We do not know what HT this is for.  [04/18]

All used items have been tested and feature a 60 day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
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