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Available Used:  Radio Books   

B023 WRTH 1994 to 1995   $22.95
This is a set of two
World Radio TV Handbooks:  1994 and 1995.

B097 WRTH 1997 to 1998   $21.95
This is a set of two
World Radio TV Handbooks:  1997 and 1998.

B052 WRTH 2011 to 2012   $24.95
This is a set of two
World Radio TV Handbooks:  2011 and 2012.
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B088 The HW-8 Handbook   $34.95
The HW-8 Handbook is a collection of articles on the modification of the Heath HW-7, HW-8 and HW-9 QRP CW transceivers. First Edition - Second printing 1994. [12/17]

B054 WRTH Shortwave Guide   $17.95
The WRTH Shortwave Guide uses full color charts to show international broadcasts by frequency and time. Shows you at-a-glance what frequencies are active and in what languages. View back cover 208 pages. Volume 1  2002. [05/17]
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B130 QST 1930   $34.95
Here are all 12 issues of the 1930
QST Magazines hardbound into two volumes. An interesting trip back, almost 90 years to see contesting, ads, DXpedition and equipment of the time. Worn at edges, but sound and complete.

B255 Hints & Kinks 1978   $14.95
This is the 1978 Edition of the A.R.R.L.'s Hints & Kinks. A few blemishes, but in good condition. 136 pages. [01/17]

B332 Radio News July 1932   $8.95 SOLD
This is the July 1932 Edition of Radio News. Its feature article Radio Guards the Baby, no doubt a response to the Lindbergh baby kidnapping four months earlier. Also dramatically exposes that scientist can hear germs die! Worn condition with back cover separated.  [04/17]

B070 Radios of the Baby Boom Era Volumes 1 to 6   $59.95
Here is the complete set of six Radios of the Baby Boom Era covering 1946 to 1960. Includes countless portables, clock radios, consoles and even some shortwave and VHF receivers. Published by Sams. [02/17]

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