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Available Used:  Meters & Test Equipment   

Sold Used Item
P150 Japan Radio CMH-909   $169.95
Board Extender
The JRC CMH-909 extends the NRD-240/301A/302A CPU board connections so the circuit board may be accessed for live diagnostic measurements. Click here for rear view. It is designed to work with the NRD-240, NRD-301A and NRD-302A receivers.  [09/21]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Sold Used Item
P151 Yaesu CA0596001   $79.95
Board Extenders
The Yaesu CA0596001 kit includes two extender cards so the circuit boards may be accessed for live diagnostic measurements. Click here for rear view. These original Yaesu boards are designed to work with the FT-990 transceiver.  [10/21]
Bird 43
W786 Bird 43P   $244.95 SOLD
Watt Meter
The Bird 43 watt meter is a tricked-out version from our Service Department. There is a handle on the top. The right panel has both the 4300-400 Peak Reading option and the 4275-100 tap options. Both sides feature SO-239 jacks. The popular 100 slug for 2-30 MHz 100 Watts is installed. S/N 98857. [07/21]
Click here for technical info on this model
Monarch Mfg. 13A
UM44 Monarch Mfg. 13A $21.95
Signal Generator
The Monarch Mfg. 13A signal generator covering 100 kHz to 28 MHz. It is untested. Has a chart inside the cover. Made by Monarch Mfg. of Chicago. Sold AS-IS. Can quote shipping.  [10/20]
Electro-Resales DC Volt Meter
U546 Electro-Resales DC Volt Meter   $14.95
Battery Meter
The Electro-Resales DC Volt Meter is a visual battery gauge that provide a quick visual indication of the state of a battery charge. It uses a multi-color bar graph LED to indicate 10 to 14.5 VDC. Click here to view instructions which are included.  [06/20]
Heathkit ID-101
U582 Heathkit ID-101 $36.95
Electronic Switch
The Heathkit ID-101 electronic switch is a clever device to add an additional channel to an oscilloscope. AC cord into rear panel. S/N 127 126104.  [08/20]
Precise 630
UN94 Precise 630 $50.95
AF/RF Generator
The Precise 630 is an RF, AF and TV marker generator. Powers up and has audio output, but with some harmonics and impurities noted. RF generator seems to be working. The AF shaft extender came off. We glued it back. AC cord into rear panel and handle on top. Sold AS-IS final sale. S/N 6216.  [02/20]
Raytheon AN/UPM-79
U802 Raytheon AN/UPM-79 $99.95
SWR Meter
The Raytheon AN/UPM-79 is a standing wave ratio indicator for 6275 MHz. It is housed in the CY-1978/UPM-79 case. It includes 5 crystals. It has been modified and includes a homebrew tap . S/N 324.  [09/20]
Arco SS-103
U628 Arco SS-103   $29.95
Standard Capacitor
This Arco SS-103 is a 0.01 mfd standard capacitor. 0.1% tolerance 500 Volts max. In clear plastic case.  [07/20]
Arco SS-103
U650 Arco SS-503   $29.95
Standard Capacitor
This Arco SS-503 is a 0.05 mfd standard capacitor. 0.1% tolerance 300 Volts max. In clear plastic case.  [07/20]
Radio City 413
UJ65 Radio City 413   $14.95
This Radio City 413 multimeter was made in New York City in the 1930s by Radio City Products Co. It is not working and is in rough shape. The unglued back case shows loose wires. Sold AS-IS final sale.  [06/18]
Universal Service KW4M
W662 Universal Service 52-KW-4M   $41.95
SWR/Power Meter
The Universal Service 52-KW-4M Ratiometer is a tube-era SWR meter. It operates 2-200 MHz up to 1000 watts. SO-239 input and output. 52 Ohm version. In good condition.  [10/20]
Click here for technical info on this model

All used items have been tested and feature a 60 day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
Used items are not currently available for online ordering and are subject to prior sale.
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