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Drake FS-4
U665 Drake FS-4   $399.95 SOLD
Frequency Synthesizer
The Drake FS-4 is a frequency synthesizer for the Drake R4, R4A, R4B, R4C receivers. It can also be used with SPR4 with modifications. This one tested on an R4C. It plugs into an unused crystal socket on the receiver and provides general coverage receive without the use of range crystals. This FS4 is in good condition. Includes an (original?) injection cable that plugs into the rear panel, and the Owner's Manual. S/N 0606. [08/20]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Etek FR-4
U700 Etek FR-4   $104.95 SOLD
Frequency Display
The Etek FR-4 is a digital frequency display for the Drake R4, R4A, R4B, R4C receivers. It is in good condition. Includes RCA to RCA cable that plugs into the rear panel. [08/20]
[ No item ]
Yaesu YO-100
U706 Yaesu YO-100   $209.95 SOLD
Station Scope
The Yaesu YO-100 has a green CRT. The rear panel has SO-239 jacks. With original Owner's Manual. S/N 6I212435. In unusually fine shape.  [08/20]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used Icom RS-91
UN34 Icom RS-91   $19.95
Remote Control Software & Cable
The Icom RS-91 is remote control software and cable for the Icom IC-91A or IC-91E HT transceiver. With original box, instruction sheet, OPC-1529R serial cable (which sells for $32!) and Windows software CD. S/N 02069.  [12/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Sold Used Item
W477 Yaesu 144 MHz 2m Unit   $29.95
144 MHz Unit for FT-726R
The Yaesu 144 MHz 2m Unit is 2 meter band unit for the FT-726R. We could not test this unit, but suspect it is not working based on a written note taped to the side. With original box. S/N 110121. Sold AS-IS, final sale.  [02/20]
Used Icom UT-63
UG80 Icom UT-63   $44.95
Tone Squelch
The Icom UT-63 is a plug-in CTCSS tone squelch. It works with several Icom radios including the IC-W21AT, IC-2SRA, and IC-W2A/X2A.  [09/19]
used MV-144
UG68 SSB MV-144   $59.95 SOLD
2 Meter Preamp
The SSB MV-144 is a 2 meter preamp. Shows considerable wear. Comes with U-bolt assembly for mast mounting. N antenna jacks.  [08/19]
used MMT 144/50
UD50 Microwave Modules MMT 144/50   $139.95
The Microwave Modules MMT 144/50 is a six meter to 2 meter transverter. The bottom panel has the S/N MMT144/50 378773. In pretty good condition. It uses BNC jacks.  [08/19]
MMT 432/28S
UD57 Microwave Modules MMT 432/28S   $39.95
The Microwave Modules MMT 432/28S is a 70cm to 10 meter transverter. The bottom panel has the S/N MMT 432/28S 59781232. It uses BNC jacks. In good cosmetic condition, but does NOT receive. Transmit untested. Includes original manual. Sold AS-IS final sale for parts.  [08/19]
used Kenwood MB-10
U420 Kenwood MB-10   $25.95 SOLD
Mobile Bracket
The Kenwood MB-10 slide-out mobile mounting bracket is designed for the TR-751A/851A. Includes hardware and Allen wrench. Plus the four feet and a fuse are also included.  [07/19]
used Drake UMK-3
UA03 Drake UMK-3   $50.95 SOLD
Remote Mounting Kit
Here is one you don't often see ... actually never. The rare Drake UMK-3 remote mounting kit allows the body of the famous Drake UV-3 to be mounted in the trunk to a dummy head with only the control head under the dash. Comes with a nice generic speaker. We have added a photo-copy of the instructions. Includes original box and appears never to have been used!  [04/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Narda 766-3
U472 Narda 766-3   $39.95 SOLD
Coaxial Attenuator
The Narda 766-3is a 3 dB coaxial Attenuator for DC to 4.0 GHz. For up to 20 Watts, 50 Ohm, SWR: 1.30 (max.). Accuracy is .75 dB. N male to N female connectors.  [01/20]
Yaesu MMB-21
W467 Yaesu MMB-21   $12.95
HT Mobile Mount
The Yaesu MMB-21 is an HT mobile mount that has a clip on the rear that fits on the inside window of a vehicle. It was designed for the FT-209, FT-209RH, FT-709R and FT-109RH.  [02/20]
[ No item ]
used W & W UC-1
UJ41 W & W UC-1   $44.95
Battery Charger
The W & W UC-1 is high quality, drop-in charger. Has insert cup for FNB-40/41/47 batteries. Includes manual, and AC adapter which plugs into the rear panel.  [02/20]
used item
UG93 Yakumo Tusin YF-30F   $39.95
IF Filter
The Yakumo Tusin YF-30F IF filter is for radios with an IF of 3180 kHz. Pin separation on bottom is 3.5 cm. With box.  [06/19]
used item
UN13 Kenwood KSC-6   $12.95
Compact Charger
The Kenwood KSC-6 compact charger consists of two pieces. The KSC-6 plug-in battery charger (12 VDC @160mA [+]) and metal drop-in charge tray. We do not know what HT this is for.  [04/18]

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