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UT69 SGC-500 & (2) PS-50   $1069.95
HF Amp & Two Power Supplies.
This SGC-500 covers 160 to 10 meters, providing up to 500 Watts. The cabinet has wear spots, but is in fairly good condition. It requires 80 Amps for full power. We tested both the included PS-50 16 VDC unregulated power supplies (120 VAC) that have spare fuses on their rear panels. We also tested the amp with one, achieving 400 Watts. For 500 Watt operation (and or high duty-cycle use) they may both be used. The system was too large and heavy to place on our photography table so pictures were taken in our service dept. The interior and interior lid look great. The amp is currently selected for auto-band operation, but the band may be selected manually with the included remote option. The remote was tested (except for the LEDs). With original Owner's Manual. Local pick-up preferred as the two PS-50s are incredibly heavy. Can quote shipping. S/N 52960651.  [03/18]
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UT86 Ameritron AL-84   $359.95
HF Linear Amp
The Ameritron AL-84 covers 1.8-22 MHz bands plus has the 10 meter modification. It has a dual function meter. This unit is wired for 120 VAC . In good condition. We tested output at about 350 watts. The rear panel has a fan. With original Owner's Manual. Can quote shipping. [04/18]
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UA04 HF Projects HF SuperPacker Pro v2   $349.95
HF Linear Amp
This HF Projects HF SuperPacker Pro v2 HF amplifier is an assembled kit. It provides up to 100 watts 160 through 10 meters. Input drive may be set at 2.5 or 5 watts. Supported modes: CW, SSB and PSK. It requires 13.8 VDC at 20 Amps max. The backlit LCD display can be commanded to show a number of different readings. The top panel has a few light scratches. The rear panel has BNC input and SO-239 output jacks. Ideal for QRP transceivers. This is version 4.04B. 7 x 2.8 x 5.5" 3 lbs. With downloaded Owner's Manual.  [04/18]
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UU07 Microwave Modules MML 432/100   $94.95 SOLD
70cm Amp
This Microwave Modules MML 432/100 70cm amplifier produces up to 100 watts of RF output with 10 watts drive. The cabinet is in fairly good condition, but does show some wear. The top panel has a huge heat sink. LEDs indicate if VSWR or thermal protection is activated. The rear panel has BNC input, N output and RCA PTT. 7 x 13 x 3.4". Made in England. S/N 482499.  [04/18]

UU18 Mirage D-15N   $59.95
70cm Amp
This Mirage D-15N 70cm amplifier can operate from 420-450 MHz and produces up to 15 watts of RF output with 1 watts drive. (Input power may 0.25-2 watts). It requires 13.8 VDC at 3 Amps. The top panel has a full length heat sink. The front panel has an SSB/FM switch. The rear panel has N input and N output jacks. Ideal for ATV. 3.5 x 7 x 2". S/N 25036.  [04/18]

UP24 National NCL-2000   $469.95
HF Amp
This National NCL-2000 covers 80 to 10 meters and features dual meters. The cabinet is in fairly good condition. The rear panel has an SO-239 type antenna jacks. It is currently wired for 240 VAC and he have installed a new heavy power cord. With original Owner's Manual It is sold as tested, working but sold AS-IS final sale because of age. Local pick-up preferred, but can quote shipping on this heavy (63 lbs.!) item. S/N 80 1535.  [06/17]
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