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Available Used:  Amplifiers & Tuners   

UE62 Mirage B1016 $199.95 HOLD
2 Meter Amplifier
This Mirage B1016 2 meter amplifier produces 160 watts with 10 watts of drive. Modes include FM, SSB and CW. Huge heatsink on top panel. The rear panel has SO239 input and output plus a RCA phono jack for remote keying and a Molex jack for RC-1 (not provided) remote control. Power requirement is 13.8 VDC 20-25 Amps nominal. Has 35 Amp internal fuse. Front panel LEDs for power and preamp. With worn box and mounting brackets (but no screws). S/N 2200-382.  [01/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UT96 KLM PA 2-25B $39.95 SOLD
Amplifier 2m
This KLM PA 2-25B 2 meter amplifier produces up to 25 watts with 2 watts of drive for 144-148 MHz. Do not exceed 2W input. The rear panel has SO239 input and outputs. Requires 13.5 VDC at about 4 Amps. 6.5 x 2 x 2.5 inches. S/N 005109307.  [04/19]
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UF37 MFJ-993   $147.95
Antenna Tuner
The MFJ-993 antenna tuner that gives the user 300 Watts SSB/150 Watts CW, 1.8-30 MHz coverage. The front panel features a Cross-Needle and a digital meter. The rear panel has two SO239 antenna connections and random wire/balanced line terminals. The cosmetic condition of this tuner is only fair as many scuff marks are on the cabinet. Includes DC cord and short PL-259 to PL-259 coaxial jumper. Requires 12 VDC at 1 Amp. [04/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

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