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Available Used:  Meters & Test Equipment   

Used MFJ-826B
UG84 MFJ-826B $119.95
SWR / Wattmeter
The MFJ-826Bis 1.8 to 54 MHz in three power ranges up to 1500 watts. The rear panel has SO-239s. Includes Owner's Manual.  [10/19]
Click here for technical info on this model
Sold Used Item
W320 Daiwa CN-101L   $64.95
SWR-Power Meter
The Daiwa CN-101L has a cross-needle meter and features three power ranges 15/150/1500W covering 1.8-150 MHz. The rear panel has SO-239 input and output. Average or Peak Reading may be selected. With instructions and DC plug only. S/N 508500. [11/19]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used AN/USM-159
UM46 Military AN/USM-159   $69.95SOLD
Frequency Meter
This AN/USM-159 frequency meter was made by Lavoie Laboratories. It covers 125 kHz to 1000 MHz in four ranges. Seems to be working and in good cosmetic condition. Audio pot is scratchy. Includes orignal manual, AC cord and front cover but missing battery tray for portable operation. The calibration charts are in good condition in the pull-out drawer. Can quote shipping. Sold AS-IS final sale. S/N 465.  [09/18]
used Tektronix K213
U428 Tektronix K213 $269.95
Lab Instruement Cart
The Tektronix K213 is very well built equipment cart. It includes some accessories and the manual. Store pickup only. [08/19]
used Radio City 413
UJ65 Radio City 413   $14.95
This Radio City 413 multimeter was made in New York City in the 1930s by Radio City Products Co. It is not working and is in rough shape. The unglued back case shows loose wires. Sold AS-IS final sale.  [06/18]
used Silver 903
U903 Silver 903   $20.95
Wave Meter
This McMurdo Silver 903 absorption wave meter came with 3 plug-in coils. You measure wavelength or frequency by tuning it while it is closely coupled to a tank circuit in a transmitter while it's running. When you tune the frequency that the transmitter is operating on, the lamp will light. The three coils that come with it are labeled on their original boxes as 101, 102, and 103. This system also includes three optional coils: 100, 104 and 105 (no box). The coil ranges are: 100 1-6-3.7, 101 3.5-8, 102 8-19, 103 17-40, 104 40-100 and 105 100-300 MHz.  [06/18]

All used items have been tested and feature a 60 day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
Used items are not currently available for online ordering and are subject to prior sale.
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