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Available Used:  Meters & Test Equipment   

W016 RF Applications $219.95
HF/VHF Wattmeter
The RF Applications P-3000-D is a digital RF power and VSWR meter. It covers 1.8-30 MHz with up to 3000 watts. Requires 12-16 VDC 100mA which plugs into rear with supplied DC cord. Includes manual with specifications. S/N 01050027. VFD 1.3  [09/18]
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UR44 MFJ-820 $44.95
SWR / Wattmeter
The MFJ-820 Power Sentry is a multi-sensor SWR Wattmeter. This one has the MFJ-830 sensor mounted in the rear. It covers 1.8-30 MHz with 200/2000W scales. The cabinet has some scratches and is missing one cabinet screw.  [06/18]
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US51 LDG FT Meter $42.95
SWR/Power Meter
The LDG FT Meter is an SWR and power meter that is used on the Yaesu FT-857 and FT-897. This meter is in good shape and comes with the original box and instructions.  [10/13]
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U716 Redot 1016A   $46.95
SWR Meter
This Redot 1016A Digital SWR Power Meter covers 1.6 to 60 MHz. Backlit LCD. It can handle up to 199 watts. In heavy metal case. Operates from 3 AAA cells (not included) which can be installed with the removal of the rear panel. SO-239 jacks for I/O. With basic English instructions and Chinese manual and box. 67x69x37mm. [06/18]

U167 Soar 3100 $29.95
Digital Volt Ohm Meter
The Soar 3100 is a compact digital volt/ohm meter. The 3.5 digit display shows DC volts 0.1mV - 500 V, AC volts 1 mV - 500V and resistance 0.1 - 20M ohms. Has continuity buzzer. With case, manual, probe and two new LR44 batteries installed. 6 x 0.75 x 1.25 inches. [10/13]
[ No item ]

UP79 Superior 85   $79.95
Tube Tester
This Superior 85 is a compact portable tube tester. It features a removable lid. Includes a photo copy of the Tube Chart. 13 x 4 x 11 inches.  [04/18]

UJ65 Radio City 413   $24.95
This Radio City 413 multimeter was made in New York City in the 1930s by Radio City Products Co. It is not working and is in rough shape. The unglued back case shows loose wires. Sold AS-IS final sale.  [06/18]

U903 Silver 903   $25.95
Wave Meter
This McMurdo Silver 903 absorption wave meter came with 3 plug-in coils. You measure wavelength or frequency by tuning it while it is closely coupled to a tank circuit in a transmitter while it's running. When you tune the frequency that the transmitter is operating on, the lamp will light. The three coils that come with it are labeled on their original boxes as 101, 102, and 103. This system also includes three optional coils: 100, 104 and 105 (no box). The coil ranges are: 100 1-6-3.7, 101 3.5-8, 102 8-19, 103 17-40, 104 40-100 and 105 100-300 MHz.  [06/18]

UA95 Millen 90902   $119.95
This Millen 90902 is a general purpose oscilloscope. It uses the 2BPI two inch cathode ray tube. It was designed for general laboratory, industrial and communication usages and is suitable for 19 inch rack mounting. Includes copy of instructions, covering specifications and schematic. 19 x 3.5 x 9.25" 12 lbs. Can quote shipping. The 2XA rectifier tube plugs into the rear panel.  [06/18]

U241 Simpson 12087 $59.95
Analog DC Current Meter
The Simpson 12087 is a classic analog panel meter for 0 to 500 mA DC. It it is designed to mount in a 2¼ inch hole. It includes box and all mounting hardware. Never used! [09/18]
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