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Available Used:  Power Supplies   

To order please call:  1 614 866-4267 (Mon-Fri 10 AM - 5 PM ET).
All items carry a 60-day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
Drake MS-4/AC-4
UB52 Drake MS-4/AC-4   $239.95 SOLD
Speaker & Power Supply
The Drake MS-4/AC-4 external speaker features a 5 x 7 element. The speaker houses the AC-4 power supply for the famous T-4/TR-4 series. The top, bottom and sides are clean. The rear panel has the bias adjust, fuse, transmitter AGC line, etc. The output cable terminates to a Cinch Jones plug. In good condition.  [08/20]
Click here for information on the AC-4 and MS-4.
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Sony ACD4M
W736 Sony AC-D4M $21.95
AC Power Adapter
The Sony AC-D4M is high quality, RF quiet, linear power supply for the Sony ICF-SW7601. It provides 6 VDC 400 mA [center negative].  [11/22]
Staco 3PN 501
W782 Staco 3PN 501 $169.95
Variable Transformer
The Staco 3PN 501 variable power supply has selectable voltage 120/140 VAC. The left side has user added terminal posts. 5 Amps max. Made in Dayton, Ohio  [06/22]
Heathkit HWA-2036-3
U496 Heathkit HWA-2036-3   $19.95 SOLD
DC Power Supply
The Heathkit HWA-2036-3 has 13.8 VDC output and is designed to work with the Heathkit HW-2036. The rear panel has red and black wire output. This power supply turns on, but does not have any DC output. With schematic. Sold AS-IS, final sale. Can quote shipping.  [03/20]

All used items have been tested and feature a 60 day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
Used items are not currently available for online ordering and are subject to prior sale.
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