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Available Used:  Power Supplies   

W187 Astron RS-35A   $84.95 HOLD
Power Supply
The Astron RS-25A 13.8 VDC power supply provides 35 Amps peak or 25 Amps continuous. Input is 120 VAC. It has heavy binding terminals and a heat sink on the rear panel. The front panel has an illuminated power switch. In very good condition. The linear design and solid metal cabinet makes it RF quiet ... and a bit heavy! Can quote shipping.  [01/19]
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U379 Astron RS-35M   $139.95
Power Supply
The Astron RS-35M is linear power supply providing 13.8 VDC at 35 Amps continuous or 25 Amps ICS peak. It has a current limiting control and has separate meters for voltage and current. In very good condition. The rear panel has heavy terminals. Includes original box and optional custom cloth cover. S/N 209110038. Can quote shipping.  [04/19]
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UN43 B & K Precision 1687B   $139.95
Power Supply
The B & K Precision 1687B is a laboratory grade variable switching power providing voltage between 1 and 36 volts DC with variable current from 0 to 10 Amps. Input is 120 VAC. It has binding terminals, cooling fan and USB port on the rear panel. The front panel has digital displays for voltage and amperage. There are separate rotary encoders for setting voltage and current levels. CV-Constant Voltage and CC-Constant Current modes are available. With up to 3 presets available. In good condition. With box, USB cable and cut sheets covering features, controls and specifications. S/N 34G13291.  [08/18]
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W015 Heathkit HP-13A   $44.95
DC Power Supply
This Heathkit HP-13A takes 12 VDC and converts it to the necessary voltages for many older Heathkit tube transceivers. Includes specifications sheet showing voltages. We could not test, but it looked OK, when we opened it to look for any visible issues. Sold AS-IS, final sale.  [09/18]

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