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Service Parts

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To order please call:  1 614 866-4267 (Mon-Fri 10 AM - 5 PM ET).
All items carry a 60-day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
DB Link 4AWG
P236 DB Link 4AWG $19.95
4AWG Cable
The DB Link 4AWG Superflex is amazingly flexible wire. Here is 17 feet with red translucent colored insulation. Never used! [11/22]
Magnet wire
UB61 Philmore 12-1228 $14.95
Magnet Wire
This new roll of Philmore 12-1228 28 gauge magnet wire is over 1000 feet long. 1/2 pound. [01/23]
used Simpson 12087
P117 Simpson 12087 $29.95
Analog DC Current Meter
The Simpson 12087 is a classic analog panel meter for 0 to 500 mA DC. It it is designed to mount in a 2¼ inch hole. Includes box and mounting hardware. Never used! [12/19]
used Crystals
U020 Crystals   $26.95 SOLD
This is an assortment of 4 FT-243 type crystals. For: 6550 [305], 6600 [307], 6650 [309] and 8400 kHz [379]. Carries our usual 60-day used equipment limited warranty.  [12/18]

All used items have been tested and feature a 60 day limited warranty, unless marked "AS-IS".
Used items are not currently available for online ordering and are subject to prior sale.
Please see Universal Used Equipment List for many other items.  Click here for recently sold items.

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