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Available Used:  Microphones   

UG01 Kenwood MC-60A   $84.95
Desk Mic
The Kenwood MC-60A desk mic has Up, Down, PTT and Lock buttons. It has a 8 pin mic plug. The preamp requires two AA cells (not supplied). Includes instruction sheet. This mic was owned by a smoker.  [05/08]
Click here for technical info on this current model

UC75 Shure 450   $39.95
Desk Mic
The Shure 450 is a dual-impedance microphone that is designed for overall speech clarity. The front base features a large PTT switch. The bottom has a switch to select low (225 ohm) or high (30,000 ohm) impedance. The height of the microphone can be adjusted by simply sliding the mic up or down from the base. It features a dynamic element with a frequency response of 200 to 5000 Hz. It has a very short straight cord that terminates to a grungy 5 pin DIN plug.  [09/18]

UA16 Heil HCLP   $84.95
Desk Mic
The Heil HCLP Classic Pro desk mic has a wide 40 - 18,000 Hz frequency response and cardioid pattern. The rear panel has a wide-narrow switch. Includes CC1-Y cable, Heil bag and unused callsign plate.  [05/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U180 Heil HM-5   $41.95
Desk Mic
The Heil GM5 Handi-Mic is a small hand mic HC-5 mic element. Microphone comes with box, manual, wind screen mobile holder and mic stand holder No cable.  [08/18]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

U412 Astatic?   $16.95
Desk Mic
This Astatic ? desk mic has a has a single conductor Switchcraft plug. The mic sounds muffled to us. It looks quite terrible. Sold AS-IS, final sale.  [06/19]

U417 Turner SSB+2   $20.95 SOLD
Desk Mic
The Turner SSB+2 desk mic has PTT with LOCK button. Battery compartment on the bottom. It has a coiled mic cable terminating to 3/8 inch 3 conductor plug. This mic works, but is worn and in 'grungy' condition. [06/19]

UP68 Yaesu YM-24A   $14.95
Speaker Mic
The Yaesu YM-24A speaker mic has a mic clip on the back. It is designed to work with the FT-208R/708R HTs.  [12/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model

UG60 Aiwa DM-47   $59.95
Desk Mic
This Aiwa DM-47 desk mic is a quality built, uni-direction dynamic microphone. 50k Ohm. Comes with long cable terminating in ¼" mono plug, box and 4 page instructions. (Does not come with a base).  [06/18]

U353 Mic Stand   $29.95 SOLD
Mic Stand
This Mic Stand is for a desk and has an adjustable height. Includes mic holder.  [12/18]

UD49 Atlas DS-7   $18.95
Mic Stand
This Atlas DS-7 is a desk mic base stand with 3 cork padded feet on the bottom. The height is adjustable from 8 to 13 inches.  [12/18]

UD52 Doinshop SM-750MV   $14.95
Head Set
The Doinshop SM-750MV headset includes a pull down mic boom, adjustable padded headband, and padded ear pieces. Termination is to a 1/8" stereo mic plug (with 1/4" adapter), and 1/8" stereo audio plug.  [10/18]
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