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Available Used:  Microphones   

Sold Used Item
U715 Swan CM17L   $50.95 SOLD
Desk Mic
The Swan CM17L was manufactured by Shure as a variant of their popular 444 model. It is specifically designed for radio communications, and has a tailored response (200-6000 Hz) for SSB. With semi-directional, high impedance R5R element. The front base features a large PTT switch. The bottom has a switch to select P-T-T or VOX operation. The height of the microphone can be adjusted by simply sliding the mic up or down from the base. This one terminates to a 3 conductor 1/4 inch plug. With instruction sheet.  [11/20]
[ No item ]
Used Lafayette 99-4579
W211 Lafayette 99-4579   $15.95 SOLD
Hand Mic
The Lafayette 99-4579 hand mic hand mic has a coiled cord that terminates to a standard 4 conductor plug.  [12/19]
used mic
UP68 Yaesu YM-24A   $14.95
Speaker Mic
The Yaesu YM-24A speaker mic has a mic clip on the back. It is designed to work with the FT-208R/708R HTs.  [12/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Used Yaesu MH-48
W496 Yaesu MH-48A6JA   $37.95 SOLD
Hand Microphone
The Yaesu MH-48A6JA is DTMF hand mic for many of today's Yaesu VHF/UHF mobiles. Appears unused.  [06/20]
Click here for technical info on this current model
Used Yaesu MD-100
U664 Yaesu MD-1B8   $69.95 SOLD
Desk Microphone
The Yaesu MD-1B8 is a stylish, hi-fidelity, desk microphone. With box.  [01/20]
Click here for technical info on this current model
[ No item ]
used mic
UD52 Doinshop SM-750MV   $14.95
Head Set
The Doinshop SM-750MV headset includes a pull down mic boom, adjustable padded headband, and padded ear pieces. Termination is to a 1/8" stereo mic plug (with 1/4" adapter), and 1/8" stereo audio plug.  [10/18]
used mic
UB65 ART Tube MP   $41.95
The ART Tube MP is a tube-type external microphone preamplifier. The rear panel has 1/4" and 3 pin XLR input/output. Includes manual, power supply and box. S/N M091001490.  [02/20]
[ No item ]

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