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Sold Used Item
UB72 Am-Comm ASAC 100   $84.95
Screwdriver Antenna Controller
The Am Comm ASAC 100 automatically tunes a screwdrive antenna to resonance. Requires at least 10 watts (CW) of output. The rear panel has SO-239 input and output. With controller, cables, box and manual. [10/19]
Sold Used Item
U438 Drake   $139.95
Extender Board Kit
The R7/TR7 series extender board kit includes 3 3-pin, 2 4-pin, 2 5-pin, 4 6-pin, 2 9-pin boards and the DR-7 jumper board. [10/19]
used item
UE64 D.E.O. QSK-1500   $134.95
QSK Antenna Switch
The Design Electronics Ohio QSK-1500 is a high power PIN-diode QSK antenna switcher. In allows you to use a non-QSK amplifier on line with a QSK transceiver. This permits QSK at QRO power. It operates from 1.8-30 MHz. It is in good condition. The rear panel has SO-239 I/O. With spiral bound photocopy of both the Owner's Manual and the Service Manual. Includes the QSK-1500 Story, specifications and schematics.  [01/19]
used item
UD44 Kantronics DVR 2-2   $39.95
Data/Voice Transceiver
The Kantronics DVR 2-2 is 2 meter two channel (one initially supplied), 2 watt, voice/data transceiver. Has transmit crystals for 145.900 and 145.975, but is missing both receive crystals. We tested output at 2 watts. Also noted transmit signal is about 20-30 kHz off. Power jack on rear panel has been modified to accept conventional DC power plug. With literature page that includes specifications. In good cosmetic condition, but sold AS-IS, final sale. S/N 83001194. [11/18]
used item
U331 Utica T & C II   $38.95
Citizen Band Radio
The Utica T & C II — Town & Country was a very early tube CB radio. The rear panel has a door for the crystals. We had no way to test this device and it needs a rather odd power cord that is missing. The cabinet and chrome exhibit considerable wear. A piece or radio history. The company began in 1958 as Magnolia Electronics Inc. in Utica, Illinois. Its first radio was the Town & Country CB. It soon moved to the Chicago area. Utica is best known for its early Citizen Band Radios and 6 meter amateur transceiver. A bit heavy, so we can quote shipping. S/N 21730. Sold AS-IS, final sale for parts.  [11/18]
used item
UE12 RADIO NEWS New Stand Paper Weight   $69.95 SOLD
New stand Paper Weight
This RADIO NEWS New Stand Paper Weight is made of cast iron and is 5½ inches in diameter and 2¼ inches tall. It is cast in the shape of a radio dial and reads: READ RADIO NEWS and RADIO NEWS on top of the knob. The bottom has cast letters "PFY" and an etched serial number "No.53". Such weights were used to hold down magazines or newspapers at new stands on windy days. The July 1938 and November 1938 issues are included. Both feature interesting articles covering radio production, radio personalities (including Boris Karloff Lights Out), defense, aero comms, polar exploration, military topics and shortwave broadcast schedules plus fascinating ads for the popular radios of the day such as the iconic Hallicrafters Diversity receiver. The two 80 year old magazines are complete but frail.  [11/18]
used item
UU77 Bencher XW-1   $31.95 SOLD
Low Voltage DC Fuse Panel
The Bencher XW-1 is a robustly built low voltage metal fuse panel. It is rated at 50 Amps at 32 VDC. It accepts common automotive blade fuses and is fully enclosed. This comes with the terminal packs, manual and also the box. Never used!  [09/18]
used item
UF71 Sangean WR-11   $59.95
AM/FM Table Radio
The Sangean WR-11 is an elegantly simple AM/FM tabletop radio that produces a truly great sound. The rear panel features AUX-In, REC-Out, External FM F-type antenna terminal and a external AM antenna terminal. In good condition. The radio comes with manual, AC power cord and wire antenna for FM reception and original manual. S/N 1712004286. [04/19]
Click here for technical info on this model
used HP 8761A
W055 HP 8761A   $59.95 SOLD
RF Switch
The HP 8761A is an impressive SPDT coaxial switch featuring an N male common to two N female jacks. Operates from 12-15 VDC and rated DC to 18 GHz. S/N 31623 OPT. 001. [04/07]
[ No item ]
used Heathkit AA-181
UC63 Heathkit AA-181   $149.95
Audio Amplifier
This Heathkit AA-181 monaural audio amplifier provides 25 watts of audio (50 watts peak). In fairly good cosmetic condition, with some wear on the edges. And one of the four feet is missing on the bottom. The rear panel has inputs for: mic, phono crystal, phono magnetic and aux. Includes a few pages from manual covering specifications and tube line-up. Sounds good! 13.5 x 5 x 9.5" 18 lbs. Heavy. Can quote shipping.  [08/18]
used item
UU09 SHF Systems SHF 2400BDFS   $69.95 SOLD
Satellite Converter
The SHF Systems SHF 2400BDFS satellite converter converts a 2400 MHz received signal to 144 MHz. The rear panel has an N jack for input and a BNC jack for output. We had no way to test this device. But it is covered by our usual 60-day limited warranty. S/N 209.  [06/18]
used item
UH22 Grundig G-2   $19.95 SOLD
Portable MW-FM-WX Radio
The Grundig G-2 receives AM, FM and the three most popular weather frequencies: 162.4, 162.475 and 162.55 MHz. Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included) or 4.5 VDC.  [04/17]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
used item
U429 Kenwood MD-85 Cover   $9.95
O-Scope Cover
This is the protective plastic cover only for the Kenwood MD-85 oscilloscope.  [08/19]
[ No item ]
used item
U354 Sony AC-E455D   $10.95
AC Adapter
This Sony AC-E455D is an AC wall adapter. Input is 120 VAC 60 Hz. Output is 4.5 VDC 500 mA, center positive.  [12/18]
used item
UB01 Kenpro KR-500 Box   $54.95
Rotor Control Box
The is the Kenpro KR-500 control box only. It does NOT include the elevation rotor. In good condition. Terminals on rear panel. With Owner's Manual.  [07/18]
used item
UB02 Kenpro KR-400 Box   $52.95
Rotor Control Box
The is the Kenpro KR-400 control box only. It does NOT include the azimuth rotor. In good condition. Terminals on rear panel.  [07/18]
used item
UZ15 James Millen 90811   $79.95
HF Transmitter
The James Millen 90811 is an HF CW transmitter kit. Key input is on rear panel. Includes an extra tube in protective socket. Final Sale. S/N 915.  [04/18]
used item
UK87 Western Electric Shunt   $29.95 SOLD
This Western Electric Shunt is a heavy little guy. It is on a wood base. The stamped on values are 300 Amp and 100 MV.  [01/17]
used item
UE30 Pyrex Perfect Insulator   $12.95 SOLD
Antenna Insulator
The Pyrex Perfect Insulator is a glass antenna insulator that is 3½ inches long. Includes original box that is missing one end flap. Manufactured by the Corning Glass Works of Corning, New York.  [12/18]
used item
U344 B & W 550-A-2   $29.95 SOLD
Antenna Switch
The Barker & Williamson 550-A-2 is two position coaxial antenna switch. It is rated to 1 kW 0-100 MHz. 52-75 ohms. It is designed to panel mount in a 3/8" hole. 1" shaft. The "C" on the rear panel indicates the common UHF (SO-239) jack. With instruction sheet and original box.  [12/18]
used item
UT61 Inmet 1N100W-30   $79.95 SOLD
The Inmet 1N100W-30 is a 30 dB 100 Watt attenuator. It has 100 Watt N female input and 20 Watt N male output.  [09/19]
[ No item ]
used item
UI19 Japan Radio Co. Calculator   $24.95
Calculator & Key Chain
The JRC Calculator and key chain were given to authorized JRC dealers. The calculator was manufactured by Casio in Japan. In good working order, but some wear spots noted. A rare find for the JRC collector.  [05/17]
used item
U382 Crystal Products Talkie X-Tals   $29.95 SOLD
Crystal Grinding Kit
This Crystal Products Talkie X-Tals crystal grinding kit was popular in the period after World War II when surplus crystals flooded the market. But they were seldom for the frequencies that amateurs wanted.  [04/19]

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